Why can't Tony Stark be resuscitated?

Not again! Marvel fans start petition to save an Avenger

who Avengers: Endgame knows that not all heroes survive. If you haven't seen the film yet and don't want to know who is going to lose your life, it is best to turn around now. All others are of course welcome to read on, to see who the fans want to bring back to life.

Not happy with the end

Though most saw it coming, not all of the Avengers were alive Endgame emerge, some want to undo this ending. After the game of Thrones-Petition for a new season 8 made the rounds and literally went through the roof with signatures, now it's the Avengers' turn.

In the wake of a petition on Change.org, fans are demanding that Tony Stark / Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) be brought back to life. Almost 35,000 signatures have been collected in the past few weeks, with the petition growing significantly in the past few days.

Iron man has to live

As the creators of the campaign write, be Tony Stark has always been willing to risk his life, to suffer, and to sacrifice himself for everyone elsewithout receiving anything in return. After performing Tony Stark's ordeal, fans write:

"He doesn't deserve it and it's not fair after everything he's been through and everything he's done for the others. He deserves to live and watch his daughter grow up."

All of this may not be fair, as many find, however, a worthy and happy ending for the character and the first three phases of the MCU. How do you think about it? Should Tony Stark be revived? Or should Avengers: Endgame-End better not to be touched in this regard?

The most important information about Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgamehas continued the fight against Thanos directed by Joe and Anthony Russo since April 24, 2019 continued in theaters.

About the author: Nicole Salzle is a news writer for IGN Germany.