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Top 5 partner programs on the subject of "hosting"

As an affiliate, you are always looking for lucrative affiliate programs.

In the following I present interesting partner programs on the subject of "hosting" and describe my experiences.

There are also tips on how to best promote these hosting affiliate programs.

How You Can Make Money With Hosting Providers

Tens of thousands of new websites are launched every day and many newcomers also try their luck on the Internet.

Most of them use a CMS like WordPress and need a hosting plan for it, where they can install their website, blog or whatever.

This is why hosting affiliate programs are a great way to make money as an affiliate. Beginners in particular are not sure which host to use and are therefore looking for recommendations.

Top 5 partner programs on the subject of "hosting"

In the following I present 5 good and lucrative partner programs for everything to do with hosting. As always, it is important that you not only look at the commission, but that you can also stand behind the recommendation.

  1. * is a German hosting provider with a good reputation. The support in particular is exemplary, but the price / performance ratio is also right. I am a customer there myself and also an affiliate. The latter works very well. I earn three digits a month with it.

    It is an in-house affiliate program. This means that no affiliate network is used, but the program itself is offered.

    The graduation of the commissions is clear and ranges from 10 euros to 125 euros. For me it is usually between 10 and 20 euros for normal hosting. Of course, when you broker servers, you get a lot more.

    All in all, a really good affiliate program with a very good provider.

  2. Mittwald

    The German hoster Mittwald * is aimed more at more professional users. Of course, there are also relatively cheap web hosting tariffs here, but there are also servers and even server clusters.

    For the latter you get a commission of up to 400 euros per sale. Usually, however, the commission is between 10 and 50 euros.

    Since this is also an in-house partner program, you register for the partner program directly on the hoster's website.

    I use this hoster for some websites and I am very happy with it. Among other things, for a current website about projectors.

    The commissions are okay, if not overwhelming. But if you have the right target group that looks at more than just the price, then this is a very interesting affiliate program.

  3. Lennartz hosting

    One of the few hosting providers in Germany that offers lifetime compensation is Lennartz Hosting *. Here you get 10% commission as long as the referred customer stays there.

    That can be up to 72 euros or even more per year. Most of the time, however, it is less. So you get less here at the beginning than with the other hosting partner programs. However, if the referred customers stay with Lennartz for a long time, then it is worthwhile.

    However, the backend of the partner program is not so great. Unfortunately there are no statistics online, so you have to ask directly by email what commissions have been received.

    Nevertheless, you should try the partner program because of the interesting compensation model.

  4. 1 and 1

    1und1 * is one of the major hosting providers in Germany and is also a little decried as a mass host. Nevertheless, many beginners use this hoster, because of course the awareness through the advertising is quite high.

    Here you can earn up to 100 euros per sale, even if most commissions are closer to 10 to 50 euros.

    The cookie lifespan is 30 days, which is good. However, the cancellation rate is almost 50%, which is not so good.

    But as I said, due to its great popularity, this affiliate program is definitely worth a try.

  5. Bluehost

    Finally, an interesting partner program from the USA. If you have an English-language website, you should definitely take a look at the Bluehost * affiliate program.

    Some well-known affiliates earn five-figure commissions per month with it. A normal affiliate will of course not be able to do this, but good income is definitely possible.

    You get $ 65 in commission per sale, even with the smallest web hosting plans. That is of course very interesting and lucrative.

    But as I said, you should already have an English-language website because the hosting takes place in the USA.

Of course there are many other hosting partner programs, but I either don't find them that interesting myself or I haven't had any experience with them yet.

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What is the best way to advertise hosting affiliate programs?

As with all other affiliate programs, it depends on how you advertise them.

It probably doesn't make much sense to advertise a hoster on a soccer website. Sure you will occasionally generate a sale by chance, but it is much better to pick up the target group where it is.

For me it is worthwhile e.g. in my blogs, where I show how to set up a WordPress blog. The people who are interested in starting a website are usually also looking for the right hosting.

If you want to start a forum or an online shop, for example, you also need a hosting tariff. Here you should publish content that addresses exactly these people (e.g. tips for setting up a forum) and also include hosting affiliate links there.

By the way, describing my own experiences with a hoster also works very well. This is called storytelling. In this way, the readers trust you even more and the affiliate link is clicked significantly more often.

Last but not least, the tip that you should also look at the features when hosting and not just the price. It is worth pointing out, for example, free inclusive domains and the like.

As always, you shouldn't lie to your readers, as this will take revenge in the medium term. So write down honest experiences and tips. In my experience, that's the best way to drive.

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