Why are many beautiful women still single?

1. No time

Full-time job, friends, family, gym, hairdresser appointment ... We could go on and on for a long time and list what attractive women have to accommodate in everyday life. But we tell you one thing: the list is long - very long. Attractive women attach great importance to their appearance and therefore need an extra window of time just to plan all their beauty appointments. Then weekly girls' evenings, the after-work drink with your work colleague and at some point you have to visit the family at home - time is limited. So they think carefully beforehand in whom or what they are investing their precious time in or in whom they are not.

2. High standards

As high as their demands on themselves are, they also expect much from their partner in return.Women want a man by their side whom they can look up to or at least meet at eye level. Apart from an attractive appearance, your job and, above all, your intelligence play a decisive role. Conversely, successful women are usually very educated and want to have more than just superficial conversations with their partner. Keeping up is not that easy, dear men ...

3. Spoiled for choice

Thanks to online dating portals, the possibilities to get to know new, potential partners are seemingly limitless. Attractive and educated women are particularly sought after by men and have an incredibly attractive effect on them. The problem: Due to their high standards, many attractive women feel that they are missing out on something when they seem to have finally found the one. Maybe someone better will come? One who looks even better? Is even more educated?
Thanks to Tinder & Co. you don't have to wait long for the next, perhaps better candidate, but just keep chatting diligently. True to the motto: Many frogs have to be kissed before the prince is finally found ".

4. Lots of friends

As already said: According to studies, attractive women automatically have a large, social environment and are particularly sympathetic to those around them. In addition to your best friend, acquaintance, dear work colleague and all the birthdays and events, finding time for dates or a relationship ... - turns out to be rather difficult. But the potential candidate has to be very convincing in order for appointments with the girls to be canceled. After all, you can't please everyone and women prefer to go on a fun evening with their friends than on a mediocre to bad date.

5. You rich yourself

Successful at work, lots of hobbies and a large group of friends - for many women all this is enough to be happy. After all, they are satisfied with themselves, have been able to self-actualize and actually have no reason to complain about anything in their life. Attractive women do not necessarily always need a man by their side in order to lead a fulfilling private life. Often this only makes you more stressful and leaves less time for yourself - and time is already in short supply with attractive women.

6. You are TOO attractive

The problem with many attractive women: they are just too hot. Many men feel put off by particularly beautiful women and would never think of talking to them on the street. The fear of being rebuffed or the answer "I'm sorry I'm already taken" is too great.
Because once in a purely logical way: Many men think of attractive women that they already have a boyfriend anyway. After all, it is particularly easy for pretty women to find a partner. Well, dear men .. unfortunately this is not the case. Unfortunately, most of them do not know this and would rather run past their dream women languidly than simply speak to them.

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