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Do you have questions? Feel free to give us a call!

Transcription rules - verbatim or extended

We create our transcripts exclusively according to the recognized scientific transcription rules of Dresing and Pehl (2018, p. 21ff.).

Our verbatim rules include:

  • Verbatim transcription (dialect and word slurries are translated into standard German)
  • Time stamps after each change of speaker in MAXQDA format: # 00: 00: 00-0 #
  • Half-clauses are marked with a slash “/”
  • Aborted words and stuttering are not transcribed
  • Noise words and reception signals are not transcribed
  • Pauses of three seconds or more are marked with “(...)”
  • Incomprehensible words are marked with "unv." marked

The advanced rules also include:

  • Word breaks are marked with a slash “/”
  • Pauses of one second or more are marked
  • Noise words and reception signals are transcribed
  • After the word “hm” a description of the stress is recorded
  • Speaker overlaps are marked with a double slash “//”

A detailed overview of the types of transcription that we offer at Transkripto can be found here.

Order process - simply keep track of things

The ordering process is quick and secure:

  • You upload your audio recording via our SSL-secured portal.
  • They indicate how many speakers can be heard, which type of transcription you need and in which language the recording was made.
  • You enter your billing information and create a customer account.
  • After completing the order, you will receive an order confirmation by email.
  • As soon as a transcript has been completed, you will receive an email notification and you can access the transcript directly via your customer account.

Did you know?

Our standard processing time is five working days, i.e. you will receive your finished transcripts after five working days at the latest, often earlier.

If your order consists of several audio recordings, you will receive a notification by email for each completed transcript and you can immediately access the finished transcription via your customer account. So you don't have to wait for the entire order to be completed.

If you are in a particularly hurry, you can also use our 24 or 48-hour express service for an additional charge. You are guaranteed to receive your transcription within one day or two days, including weekends and public holidays!

Data protection - GDPR always in view

At Transkripto, we take data protection very seriously. We have therefore taken various security precautions to be able to guarantee you data security and confidentiality.

Our data protection precautions include:

  • The audio material is uploaded and the finished transcripts are downloaded exclusively via our SSL-secured website.
  • At no point do we use insecure third-party providers such as email providers, cloud services or data transfer.
  • In-house server with ISO certifications: ISO 900 1: 2015 and ISO 1700 1: 2013.
  • After 30 days, both the audio recording and the transcript are automatically and irretrievably deleted from our servers.
  • All of our employees are contractually bound to maintain secrecy.

By placing your order, you automatically agree to these safety precautions by confirming our terms and conditions. Your order can be processed quickly and safely.

Tips, tricks and information about transcribing

We have collected important information about transcribing for you on our website and in our blog.

Here you can, for example, read detailed information about the definition of the transcription, how to properly prepare for an expert interview, what to consider during telephone interviews and which are the five best dictation machines.

Would you like to know what your transcription will look like? Then you will find examples of transcription rules here.

Transcribe the interview

How do I create a transcription myself? We have summarized the 10 most important tips for you.

Transcribing: 10 tips

Would you like to know which programs we work with? We introduce the two most popular.

F4 vs. Express Scribe

Not sure which transcription rules you need? Then find out more here.

Transcription rule

High quality at the best price - we guarantee it!

If you order a transcription from Transkripto, it will be carried out 100% manually and by experienced typists. Our employees are trained and practiced in professional transcribing and, thanks to various technical and academic training, can also transcribe recordings on specific specialist topics.

Through constant internal training and quality control, we can ensure a consistently good transcription of your recordings.

If, contrary to expectations, you are not 100% satisfied with your transcript, we of course offer you a quick, free revision. It's part of ours Satisfaction guarantee.

Get an idea of ​​the opinions of other customers on the independent rating portal Excellent.org or take a look at our references.

Transcriptions in other languages

In addition to high German interviews, we also transcribe interviews in Swiss German or Austrian German. The finished transcript is always in Standard German. It is almost a translation.

We also offer transcriptions in many foreign languages, such as English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and many more. You will receive your transcript in the respective language according to the transcription rules of Dresing and Pehl (2018).

Customer service - we are by your side!

For Transkripto, the “service” in Transcription Service is in the foreground. You have fixed contacts for your project who are available to you by phone or email. Even with urgent inquiries at the weekend, you will always receive an answer after 12 hours at the latest.

Get your non-binding offer! As a student or for large projects, we would be happy to give you an individual discount!

transcript for foreign languages

Transcription requests for audio recordings in foreign languages ​​(not German) are processed by our employees from the relevant countries. Our employees for English come from England, the USA and South Africa, for example. Since our service is also active in the Netherlands, Spain and Brazil, we can fall back on a large pool of employees.

foreign languages transcribe

Request an individual offer now free of charge!

  • Scientific studies: Transcribe large volumes of up to 100 hours of audio material within 5 working days
  • Group discussions: Workshops and panel discussions are very individual, so an inquiry is a good idea
  • Transcribe foreign languages: Many foreign languages ​​can be ordered directly online or are offered on request
  • Swiss German: Our team of specialists from Switzerland will take care of your recordings in dialect or with a Swiss German accent

Now offer request

frequently asked questions

How do you ensure that my data is treated securely and confidentially?
Our website is secured by "https" encryption and all employees who are entrusted with the processing of your files are contractually obliged to maintain confidentiality. Your audio recordings will only be saved on our in-house server and will be deleted there 30 days after the transcription has been completed.

Our terms and conditions and all other information on data protection and data security can be found here.

Who will transcribe my audio recordings?

Your audio recordings will be processed by our employees, many of whom have been with us for several years. All employees are contractually bound to us and are subject to confidentiality. You can find all further information on data protection and data security here.

Which file formats can you edit?

We can process all common file formats such as mp3, mp4, m4a, wma, wav or dss. We can usually convert file formats that are not listed here into other file formats and then process them with our transcription software. Please note that your audio file should not exceed 1 GB in size when uploading.

We recommend uploading mp3 files, because their size is usually quick to upload to the website.

How are different speakers differentiated?

Speakers are marked with I: for interviewer and B: for respondent. A blank line and a time stamp are set between each change of speaker. If there are more than two speakers, the additional speakers are marked with I2, I3 or B2, B3.

How long does it take to prepare my transcriptions?

Your transcriptions will be prepared within 5 working days. This means that if you order on Tuesday, you will receive the finished transcriptions back by the following Tuesday at the latest. If the transcription / transcriptions have already been completed before the 5 working days have expired, they will be sent to you successively. Transcriptions ordered as part of the 24 or 48 hour service will be returned to you within these deadlines.

What are the costs for my transcription?

The cost of your transcription depends on your wishes, the number of speakers, type of transcription, duration of the order and the quality of the files. You can use our price calculator to calculate the exact costs in advance. You can also find all information under our prices. We would be happy to make you an individual offer without obligation. For this, please contact us at: [email protected]

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