Keep games with Discord Nitro

Gaming: Discord has games with the right subscription

It is not yet advertised on its own main page, it simply says there "It's time to give Skype and Teamspeak the pass." The innovations in the Discord gaming software are a clear attack on Valve's game shop Steam.

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With the latest update, the company is starting the game store beta, in which some top-class games are already available for purchase, such as Frostpunk, Subnautica and Into the Breach. Of course, the selection cannot keep up with the masses of games and the infrastructure of Steam. Discords developers initially describe their selection meekly: "Our curated selection ... should help you figure out which games are right for you. You don't have to search through endless lists of anime games."

That might sound like understatement, but it is a clear attack on the industry giant Steam, whose overview pages are currently prominently featured by the countless anime games.

Another Netflix for games

In line with the shop beta, the company has adapted its Nitro subscription service. Discord Nitro now costs around 10 instead of 5 euros. Until now, there were only exclusive chat features such as emoticons with a subscription. Now players get 60 games for double that, including Wasteland 2, Limbo and Metro Last Light Redux.

Players who have subscribed to Nitro at the old price will get the service until January 1, 2020 at no extra charge. The old subscription for the chat features is now called Nitro Classic.

Discord also offers exclusive games, at least a few. We think the multiplayer shooter At Sundown is particularly interesting. It is only temporally exclusive and should also appear on Steam in the future. also has its own Discord server.