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Caro + Andreas Robens: New beginning! Your announcement surprised

The celebrity news of the day in the GALA ticker: Caro and Andreas Robens announce separation from management +++ Cathy Lugner separates from the implants in her breasts +++ Sarah Harrison talks about baby number three.

The celebrity news of the day in the GALA ticker

May 19, 2021

Caro and Andreas Robens surprise with news

It won't be boring with Caro Robens, 42, and Andreas Robens, 53. On the contrary: the two cult emigrants are currently building up another mainstay. The former "Faneteria" run by Daniela B├╝chner, 43, is now the Robens' new "Iron Diner". Parallel to the professional project, however, there is also a lot on the piece of paper privately, such as the renovation work in her house. Between all this hustle and bustle, the couple made an important decision, as Caro announced via Instagram.

"I would just like to briefly inform you that from now on we will no longer be managed by Thomas Maack," announced the 42-year-old surprisingly on Tuesday evening. Behind this should be private reasons that the couple apparently does not want to further address. When asked by "OK!" explains the entrepreneur: "He just has too much on his mind." So far there is no new management. Until then, Caro Robens will organize events and media appointments himself. Quite a big block on the leg, if you consider the private and professional projects that run in parallel.

Cathy Lugner: That's why she separates from her impressive bust

Cathy Lugner, 31, pulls the emergency brake. The ex-wife of the Austrian contractor Richard Lugner, 88, goes under the knife - and says goodbye to her large breasts. The decision is based on a serious reason, as she now revealed in her Instagram story. Cathy apparently suffers from the so-called "Breast Implant Illness". This is a disease that can be caused by implants with table salt or silicone and that causes symptoms such as a racing heart or aching limbs.

"I didn't even know that there was such a thing," said the model in a question and answer session of her community. "From where? No one had ever told me about it." An association made her aware of this after complaining about some of the symptoms. Now she has traveled to Munich specifically to have her implants removed. "Health is of course more important than a few breasts," thinks Cathy, who is now gaining a large fan base on the adult platform "OnlyFans".

The 31-year-old mother of a teenage daughter connects her operation with an educational assignment. She is accompanied by a camera team in order to point out the risks of implants in a media-effective manner.

May 18, 2021

Sarah Harrison talks about her wish to have a baby

Sarah Harrisson is the mother of two children. The 29-year-old is enjoying her new life in Dubai to the full with her husband Dominic. The influencer lets her fans share in her family happiness on Instagram. And the former "Bachelor" participant is also approachable in other ways. Internet fame likes to reveal a few details from their life in a question-and-answer session. One question burned her community in particular: Is baby number three coming soon?

Her fans suspected the 29-year-old was already pregnant again. However, the YouTuber denied a current pregnancy, but did not rule out further offspring for the future."It's not like that, but if it were, I would still be happy, "said Sarah and went on to explain:" I think being pregnant and having a baby is just a gift. "

Pregnant Sarafina Wollny has to go to the hospital

Worry about Sarafina Wollny! The 26-year-old is currently in the 31st week of pregnancy and her twins are not supposed to be born until the end of July. But now mother Silvia Wollny, 56, brings bad news. "Dear ones, as you have probably noticed with Sarafina, she recently had to struggle with water retention and such. Unfortunately, she had to go to the hospital today, suspected of being infected with pregnancy," the Wollny head announced on his Instagram account in a photo that the pregnant Sarafina shows.

Preeclampsia can occur quite unexpectedly during pregnancy and be life-threatening for both mother and child. Silvia Wollny now knows that her daughter is in the best of hands and remains optimistic. "We hope that it will not be confirmed and that the two belly gnomes will stay inside", can be read in her post.

May 17, 2021

Sarafina Wollny reveals the twins' due date

It can't be long now! On Instagram, Sarafina Wollny diligently supplies her fans with baby bump pictures. The 26-year-old is currently in the 31st week of pregnancy. The calculated date of birth for their babies is actually July 23, 2021, but now Sarafina fears that the twins could see the light of day earlier than expected. She blames the weight gain of her "belly gnomes" as she calls her offspring herself. The twins weigh in at 1,300 and 1,200 grams.

And the fans of the soon-to-be-mom would like to elicit another detail in a question-and-answer session: the genders of the babies! But Sarafina continues to make a secret of this. "The main thing is healthy," said the pregnant woman. When choosing clothes, the parents-to-be therefore rely on neutral things.

Fans criticize Davina Geiss's fashion collection

Carmen Geiss, 56, proudly poses on her Instagram account in a lavender-colored jogging suit. The special feature: the item of clothing was designed by daughter Davina, 17. Just like father Robert Geiss, 57, the Geissens' eldest daughter is now trying her hand at being a designer, as mother Carmen proudly proclaims. "Now the time has finally come and Davina is following in her father's footsteps !! I am so proud of my daughter !! Her first jogging suit that she designed herself [sic]", writes the 56-year-old below the picture and shouts encourages their fans to buy the collection.

Papa Robert also promotes the suit on Instagram. However, many users criticize the pieces designed by Davina. The reason: The simple set costs over 200 euros. "Much too expensive", comments one user, another user writes: "Apart from this crazy price, there is nothing special about it". "It's all money making," criticized a third party.

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