What does Aloha Kakou mean in Hawaiian

The most important words for a trip to Hawaii

Even if American English predominates, the Hawaiian language can be found everywhere: in the street names (Kamehameha Avenue) or in the food ("Lilikoi" for "passion fruit") etc. Perhaps it is interesting to know a few words that will undoubtedly enrich your understanding of life in Hawaii.

Dive in

To learn a little Hawaiian, a real Polynesian language to our ears, it can be a nice way to listen to some music: the artist Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'ole, known for his version of "Somewhere over the rainbow" provides a good introduction to the music you will hear during your trip to Hawaii - a mix of Hawaiian and English.

A little alphabet

The Hawaiian alphabet has only 12 letters! It was created by English missionaries who wanted to translate the Bible to convert the indigenous people to the Christian faith - until then, Hawaiian was a purely oral language.

The letters of the alphabet are A, E, I, O, U, H, K, L, M, N, P, W. Two punctuation symbols, the Okina and the Kahakō, complete it: the Okina looks like an apostrophe (') and is used to "break" a word. It always stands between two vowels.

For example, without Okina, the word Hawaii would be pronounced "Ha-waii". With its Okina it is spelled "Hawai'i" and pronounced "Hah-wai-i".

The kahakō is a symbol like the hyphen (-) that stands above a vowel: it lengthens it and pulls it a little.

Basic idioms / common expressions

Good day good eveningAloha (prononcé "ah-loh-hah")Good morning / good evening
How are you?Pehea 'oe?How are you ?
Good thanks and you?Maika'i, mahaloFine, thank you, and you?
I understand / I don't understand/ 'A'ole au maopopo.I understand / I don't understand
sorryE kala mai ia'uSorry
Good-byeA hui hou (prononcé "ah who-i hoe")Goodbye
Good dayE komo may! (prononcé "Eh koh-moh-maï")Welcome
Many ThanksMahalo (nui loa) (prononcé "mah-hah-loe")Thank you very much)
Excuse me pleaseE kala mai ia'u / 'olu'oluExcuse me / Please
My name is...'O ... ko'u inoaMy name is ...
no thanks'a'ole mahaloNo thanks
Yes No'ae /' a'oleYes / No
Here you goHe mea ikiIt's nothing / you're welcome

Trade / Buy

How much does it cost?'Ehia?How much is it?
That is a good priceMakeponoIt's very cheap
It is too expensiveIt's too expensive
Can you bring the price down?Could you lower the price?
I would like to buy thisI would like to buy ... this, that one!
I like it / I don't like itI love / I hate
Just browsing.I'm just looking

Mode of Transport

I want to go to ...I would like to go to ...
taxiKa'a 'ōhua, ka'a ho'olimalimaTaxi / cab
busKa'a 'ōhuabus
I want to rent a ...I would like to rent ...


Where is ...? / How do I get to / to ...?Hea?Where is ...? / How do I get to ...?
railway stationKahuaTrain station
City centerke kaona, kūnanahale, kūlanakauhaleDowntown
Is it far?Kokoke / MamaoIs it close / far away?
straightHele pololeiStraight ahead
Left RightHema / 'akauLeft / Right
North South West East'ākau / Hema / Hikina / KomohanaNorth / South / East / West


one two three four five six seven eight nine ten'ekahi,' elua, 'ekolu' ehā, 'elima,' eono, 'ehiku,' ewalu, 'eiwa,' umiOne, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten
twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixtyiwakālua, kanakolu, kanahā, kanalima, kanaonotwenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty
seventy, eighty, ninetykanahiku, kanawalu, kanaiwaseventy, eighty, ninety
Hundredhanele, hanelione hundred

Times / date and days

What time is it?Holaʻehia kēia?What time is it?
Today (tomorrow / noon / evening)Kēia lāToday (morning / noon / evening)
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday SundayPo'akahi, Po'alua, Po'akolu, Po'aha, Po'alima, Po'aono, LapuleMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
I'm on vacation hereI'm here on vacation / I'm traveling
I am here to workI'm here for work / for business

To table!

I'm hungry / I'm thirstyPōloli / Make waiI'm hungry / I'm thirsty
Good AppetiteEnjoy (your meal)
Bottom up!Hipahipa, hulō!Cheers!
It was great!ʻOno loa!It was delicious!
What do you recommend?What do you recommend?
I'm vegetarianI'm a vegetarian
Not sharp! (I don't like it spicy)Not spicy! (I don't like spicy food)
It is too hot!It's too hot!
I have an allergyI'm allergic
I take / I would like to haveI would like ...
Tea / coffeeKī / kopeTea / coffee
Beer WinePia / wainaBeer / wine
The Bill pleasePalapala, 'olu'oluI would like the bill please

Health / Emergency / Safety

I have to see a doctorI need to see a doctor.
Call a doctor / ambulancekauka (lapa'au), kahuna lapa'au / ka'a lawe ma'iCall a doctor / an ambulance
Where is the hospital?Hea haukapila?Where is the hospital?
I do not feel goodI don't feel well
I am in pain hereʻEhaI have a pain here
Where are the restrooms?Hea ka lua?Where is the bathroom?
I've lost my wayLiloI'm lost


Good day !Have a good day!
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