Impatiens are poisonous to dogs

Hard-working Lieschen: Tips on care and location

The hardworking Lieschen lives up to its name: It blooms tirelessly from spring to autumn, whether in the bed or on the balcony. You should keep this in mind when caring for it.

The ornamental plant originally comes from the tropical areas of East Africa. It was not until the end of the 19th century that the industrious Lieschen, which belongs to the genus of spring herbs and the balsamic family, came to Europe.

Its scientific name Impatiens walleriana comes from Latin, where impatiens means "impatient" or "sensitive". It refers to the peculiarity of the plant that its seed pods burst with a gentle touch.

Hardworking Lieschen: How can you buy it?

You can buy the annual perennial bloomer in specialist shops from spring. There it is mostly offered in small pots and should be planted immediately outdoors or in pots or boxes.

Our tip
The closer the roots are in boxes or tubs, the more splendidly the hardworking lizards will bloom.

Location: shady and protected

The plant feels most comfortable in a semi-shady to shady place. The location should be reasonably protected from wind and rain, as its fleshy shoots break all too easily.

Our tip
The industrious Lieschen is ideal for semi-shady east and west balconies.

Busy Lizzie (Impatiens walleriana): The trade offers many shades of pink, red and purple. (Source: Shotshop / imago images)

Flowers: colors and shapes

The classic for the balcony and garden is available in various colors, plain or patterned, in stores: from white to pale pink, orange, red and purple. The Lizzie is also available in filled and unfilled flower shapes. The flowering period extends from May to October.

Our tip
With good care, the plant forms real flower pillows, which are particularly effective in large bowls.

Growth: 15 to 30 centimeters

When it comes to foliage, there are also visual differences depending on the variety. The leaves are ovate to elliptical and shine in a rich green. With an average height of 15 to 30 centimeters, the hardworking Lieschen is therefore suitable for planting balcony boxes and pots.

Hard-working Lieschen (Impatiens walleriana): Delicate pink tones are particularly popular with amateur gardeners. (Source: Manfred Rucksackzio / imago images)

Plant partner: who suits him?

The hard-working Lieschen can be combined well with other garden flowers in window boxes and bowls as well as in the open air as a ground cover. Ideal planting partners are, for example, for semi-shady east and west balconies

Our tip
White, hard-working lizards look particularly beautiful in the open air bed as noble points of light in dark garden corners.

Watering and fertilizing

Regular watering, especially in summer, is a must. The top substrate layer should dry out between the waterings. On hot days, the Lieschen is also happy to be refreshed with the spray bottle. Nevertheless, the following applies: Avoid waterlogging!

Hard-working Lizzie (Impatiens walleriana): It flowers in very different colors, including white. (Source: imagebroker / imago images)

High-quality potting soil provides it with the necessary nutrients. Every two weeks in the summer months, liquid fertilizer is added to the irrigation water to support it in its development.

Abundant flowering: clean up what has faded

In order for the plant to develop more flowers, what has faded should be removed regularly. The garden bloomer thanks you for this with a lush flow of flowers.

Overwinter: possible with Edellieschen

Wintering is hardly worthwhile, but it is possible with perennial Edellies. Then you should choose a bright and cool place with temperatures between ten and 15 degrees.

Hard-working Lieschen (Impatiens walleriana): The garden and balcony plant is usually sold in trays of 6 or 10. (Source: Shotshop / imago images)

Is the hardworking Lizzie poisonous?

The plant is non-toxic to humans and can therefore also be planted in a family garden with children. Sometimes the hardworking Lieschen is said to have a poisonous effect on cats and dogs. However, this has not yet been proven.

Plant profile

Hard-working Lizzie (Impatiens walleriana)
Locationsemi-shady to shady, protected from wind and rain
to waterregular and plentiful
FertilizeFortnightly with liquid fertilizer
HeydayMay to October, remove faded regularly
Overwinterpossible with Edellieschen

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