Longer shotgun barrel increases accuracy

All of the Metro Exodus map locations: every upgrade and side mission you need to find

There are some changes in the Metro series, with the Metro Exodus map getting a new open world character. The maps of the Volga, Caspian, and Taiga are hubs with numerous destinations and gear that you can find in Metro Exodus. If you're not careful, you can miss out on important weapons, upgrades, and more on the map. There are side missions and opportunities to meet and help people who are not named obviously. Your main missions and objectives are always clearly defined, but it's worth looking around and locating important supplies, weapon accessories, and more. How to find everything on the Metro Exodus map. Obviously, there may be slight spoilers for things that you might find or discover, but they are minimal.

Use your binoculars to get the most out of the map

Quick tip before you go anywhere: use your binoculars to look around regularly. You get them shortly after meeting the engineer Krest at the crane to see various sights he calls. Anywhere it is worth a visit will make a clicking sound when you look over it. As you hold this position and zoom in, you should hear a whirring sound and see a map icon indicating that an area has been marked on your map. If you don't get the noise and icon, please zoom in or out and carefully move around the area of ​​the click. It's worth doing this regularly as you can see different locations through new angles. You can always discover new places until the end of a chapter.

What do the icons mean?

There are only four symbols to really worry about on the Metro Exodus map: the big white cross is your next main target, a green building is a safehouse (with a workbench for attaching and tinkering equipment and a bed, to change the time of day) while a red Hazard skull and bones indicate enemies and, more importantly, are aimed at rescue. These are all question marks until you visit. At this point, a compass marker will appear on the screen to indicate the map is being updated.

The Volga

The Volga is characterized by its swampy water areas and the need to use a boat to get around. Most importantly, if you know where to look, there are a number of extremely useful upgrades and gadgets that you can find right away. Usually the most recently used boat is shown on the map, but you can find others. Due to the dangerous mutant shrimp and a giant catfish, the water can be dangerous. So it's worth staying in the boat close to the shore so you can get out quickly if necessary.

Here's what to look out for:

  1. Rifle scope and compass of sniper - This is where you will find a crashed plane with a telescopic sight and most importantly a compass that always points to your next target.
  2. Kalash rifle upgrades - There's a tiny outpost here where you can find some good Kalash rifle upgrades early on to add damage and stability.
  3. Ammunition with upgrade and Tsar Fish Room Key - There are some prisoners you can rescue who will give you a key to go to the room below (point 4) where you can find the night vision goggles. There are also ammo sacks upstairs that you can use to carry more bullets.
  4. Night vision goggles - You can access the night vision goggles here early on using the key from the prisoners found under No. 3 above. You can also get them as part of the mission to get the railcar after killing the Tsar Fish.
  5. Gas mask upgrades - There is a little shack full of mushrooms and spiders here where you can find the advanced filter, an upgrade that will make your gas mask filters last longer.
  6. Throwable ammunition upgrade - This gas station has some bandits to take care of. Kill them and research them to find the throwing harness that will allow you to carry more knives, grenades and Molotov cocktails.
  7. Metal detector - There is a metal detector here to help you find resources when you clip it to your armguard. Look for a broken crane, and there is a small rusted house in front of it. You have to break the lock to get inside.
  8. Kalash rifle upgrades - There are some destroyed buildings here, which are essentially pillars and beams. Look for ramps and shipping boxes that will lead you to one of the beams and follow it to find a ladder and outpost. You'll find a Kalash inventory and a long barrel and compensator for a big boost in damage and accuracy.
  9. Kalash gun suppressor - The safehouse here has a Kalash suppressor keg if you want some fully automatic noiseless fun (it will reduce damage and range, but alert fewer people). There is also another sniper scope if you don't already have one.
  10. teddy bear - If you want to find the teddy bear for one of the side missions, it is here on a large cylindrical gas tower. Be careful because there is a lot of radiation.
  11. guitar - If you want to restore the guitar for one of the side missions you can find it here on a tower full of bandits. There is also a prisoner that you released.
  12. Battery upgrade - There is a charge regulator here that will extend the life of your battery. You will find a large building with electrically sealed doors and a smaller shed with a generator. There's a gas bottle behind the shed that you can use to turn the doors on and open to get the battery upgrade from ... somewhere interesting.


The Yamantau section of the game is essentially a linear story beat with no open world elements. Here, however, you can use a night vision device. Look out for a Kalash that's on a table near a yellow junction box so you can turn off all the lights. You also get the Gatling Gun, but that can't be missed as it's part of a small boss meeting.

The Caspian

The Caspian region is a large open sea floor that has become a desert. You want to visit Alyosha right after the start (the shooter) to get the flames for the Tikha, and then the first mission to access a car that you can use to explore the rest of the map. There are a lot of sideline activities. So use your binoculars regularly as the flat terrain means you have to scan from numerous vantage points to mark everything on your map.

  1. Ashot / Shambler Oppressor - On the way to your first mission, you will see a canyon here. At the end you will find an old warehouse and an Ashot with a shotgun silencer that goes with the Ashot and Shambler.
  2. Shambler with a small cylinder - You must visit this area as part of the first Yamantau mission. You are attacked on the roof and your attacker drops a shambler shotgun with a three-round cylinder. Pro tip here: Not kill the guy who jumps you, he will be useful later.
  3. Attack of the valve attack - If you haven't found one yet, a valve pistol is the place to grab an assault grip, stock, and forend here.
  4. Night vision device - If you missed the night vision scope in the Yamantau level, there is another one in the safe house that you will find here, along with a heavy stick and a single column magazine that holds five rounds for the valve. Just watch out for the monsters and stumbling blocks.
  5. Motion tracker, Gatling gun and slave rescue - There is a shipwreck here with three reasons to visit. First, there is another Gatling pistol on the mid-level if you picked that up in Yamantau. Second, it is used by slave traders, and if you kill them and free the slaves (without harming them) it can help you later. Most importantly, if you can find your way up, there is a motion tracker that you can attach to your armguard.
  6. Bulldog machine gun - This isn't the only place to get a bulldog, but it is probably the first if you are following the main mission. It's basically a better Kalash, and you can find it on the corpses of the enemies attacking the lighthouse.
  7. Extra bright light - There's a trap here that a fool is in. Watch out for Tripwire grenades. However, if you can get in without blowing yourself up, there is an extra bright light that lets you see farther and farther in the dark but drain your battery faster.
  8. Armored gas mask - There is a hidden canyon here where you will have to fight through some slavers to reach a cave at the end (the ladder it reaches will not fall until everyone is dead). Inside, you'll find a man who killed himself and a bulletproof glass upgrade for your gas mask, making it less likely to break.
  9. Retrofit night vision goggles - There is a military base here that serves as a safe house. You have to deal with security measures and crackdown on mutants all the way to the top of the main building, but then you have to unlock the NVD amplifier which will make your night vision much clearer.
  10. Improved upgrade of consumables - Go down here and you will find a small cave in the cliff. There you will find a consumables carrier, an upgrade for your suit that allows you to carry more air filters and drug kits. Maybe check out the guy you find around as well. You will know when to get there.
  11. Armored helmet, ashot quad barrel and slave rescue - There is another shipwreck here full of slave traders, so only kill the bad guys, not the slaves. In the first main area you reach you will find a reinforced helmet to absorb further headshot damage. You will also find two switches, one on the lowest level and one on the top level that opens the slave cages. Finally, at the top / back of the bridge, you'll find the Four Barrels attachment for the Ashot shotgun. That fires two barrels at the same time for Charges of damage and recoil.
  12. 6x sniper scope - You have to visit this crane as part of the main mission and you will likely be bothered by the sniper at the top. Make sure to find his weapon if you kill him as he has a 6x sniper scope available.

Additionally - Giul's photo

After meeting Giul at the Caspian Lighthouse as part of the main mission, she will let you into an underground bunker and ask if you can find her mother's photo. This is essentially a linear section, but keep an eye out for that door shortly after Damir says you need to use the vents.

When you reach the dead officer through a collapsed air vent, you'll have to backtrack a room and look for the half-open blue door on the desk and body. Inside you will find the body of Giul's mother holding a photo.


Most of Metro Exodus' open world ambitions take place in the Volga and Caspian Seas, so taiga is explored as a wide corridor rather than through open plains. There are also some spoilers so we're only showing the map with encounter / resource locations and safehouses. As you can see, this is a straightforward area so there isn't much room to explore anyway. When you get to that point, the game chooses the scale to build the momentum for its conclusion.