How is the best protein powder made

Protein powder: test & recommendations (05/21)

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Are you on a diet and looking for a source of protein? Or do you do a lot of sport and want to support your muscle building? Then you should inform yourself about protein powder. Because the dietary supplement is versatile and has many positive properties. But what are the differences and how do you recognize high-quality protein powder?

In our Protein Powder Test 2021 we present you the best and tastiest protein powders from different categories. In addition, we will inform you about important things to do with protein powder. Regardless of whether you are interested in animal or vegetable proteins, with us you will find the best protein powder on the market.

the essentials in brief

  • Proteins, or proteins, are essential nutrients. They have numerous physiological functions, which is why they are often referred to as the basic building blocks of life.
  • Protein powder is one of the so-called food supplements, or supplements, and is used in particular to support muscle building in sport or during a diet.
  • There are several types of protein that you can take as a dietary supplement. Depending on which property is most important to you personally in a protein powder, you can choose between different types.

Protein powder test: favorites of the editors

The best all-rounder among protein powders

Lush Irish meadows, happily grazing cows and the best of milk - that's the magic formula for Primal Whey. Free of caseins and with a low lactose content, it contains all the essential amino acids that your body needs for the muscles. This means that the Primal Whey from pasture is suitable for the targeted supply of protein on training days.

The Primal Whey is particularly impressive as an easily digestible fitness shake. Microfiltration at low temperatures means that the proteins are not denatured and are therefore of particularly high quality.

The best protein powder with the most natural taste

The whey protein powder from foodspring is characterized above all by the high-quality and animal-friendly whey protein. This is obtained from the milk of New Zealand grazing cows, which are allowed to graze outdoors for 328 days a year. This gives foodspring's whey protein the rarely awarded NZMP quality seal and, combined with the sweetness of the stevia plant, its natural taste without artificial additives.

It is ideal for strength and endurance sports and supports your training with an extra portion of high-quality protein. The whey protein comes in a 750g can and can be purchased in 12 different flavors. In addition to the classic variants, this also includes more unusual varieties such as coffee, cookies & cream and coconut crisp.

The best individually tailored protein powder

The provider Brandl Nutrition offers you a very special service. A questionnaire in which you answer questions about your training behavior, preferences and your physical condition will recommend a protein powder that is perfectly tailored to you.

You can choose between a post-workout shake or a general protein shake. The ingredients of the shakes are of the highest quality - the composition is based on in-depth knowledge. Only natural flavors are used and no artificial additives are used.

The protein powder with the best price-performance ratio

The ESN Designer Whey Protein comes with a chocolate flavor and a size of 1 kg. It contains a high proportion of BCAA (23%) and other essential amino acids (48%). It has up to 82 g protein per 100 g ESN Designer Whey Protein.

The protein powder is characterized by its very good solubility. It's perfect for making a delicious shake. It is optimally used by the body and is used to build muscle in combination with sport.

The best protein powder with a high protein solate made from whey