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Speech competition “100 years of women's suffrage” - Make a statement!

All girls and boys, apprentices, schoolchildren and students aged 14 to 24 can take part. We look forward to exciting speeches, messages, suggestions and ideas.

Austria is one of the first European countries in which women have received universal and equal suffrage. 100 years ago, in the course of the establishment of the First Republic as part of the legislation governing the form of government and government, the right to vote for women was introduced on November 12, 1918. Since then, women have been able to vote, stand and thus contribute their point of view to political decisions. The common understanding of roles and the political culture of the past limited their room for maneuver for a long time. “Women's suffrage was a big step towards equal rights and a milestone for women's politics. It signifies a milestone that marks a long-fought goal, but at the same time the beginning of an even longer path to equality between women and men, which has not yet come to an end, ”said Christine Haberlander For this reason, we are holding a speech competition: Young people - both girls and boys - should deal specifically with the topic of women's suffrage, but equally with equality between women and men, understanding of roles, political culture and social structure Opinions, their views and points of view, their suggestions and suggestions, their points of criticism, approaches and messages, "said Haberlander." Since the introduction of women's suffrage in 1918, the position of women in politics and society has changed enormously in the national council or in the state parliaments, also in community politics the Fra ou share below their share in the population. In terms of a "bottom-up" approach, we must therefore be active above all at the community level and motivate even more women to work - not only on a voluntary basis in associations but also in the community councils. Measures and initiatives such as this speech contest are therefore important contributions to raising awareness. Our democracy needs (even more) women, ”says Viktor Sigl, President of the Upper Austrian Parliament.