What's your favorite R-code

mobile-pocket as a widget on the iPhone

With the update of iOS you can get mobile-pocket on the iPhone start screen and have your loyalty cards and thus offers at hand even faster.

With the widgets of iOS 14 you get the functions of your favorite apps on the home screen. And which app shouldn't be missing? mobile-pocket of course! We have implemented several widget variants for you. The following applies to everyone: you never had your favorite loyalty cards at hand so quickly.

mobile-pocket widgets on the home screen

Do you want to find your favorite customer card on the home screen of your iPhone? Then:

  • Long-press a widget or blank area on the home screen. Until the apps start to wobble.
  • Now tap on the "+" in the top left
  • Select mobile-pocket and tap on "Add widget"
  • Tap on "Done" in the upper right corner - and you're done

3 widget variants

We have come up with three different options for you. If you hold down the mobile-pocket widget, the quick access menu opens. Now you can edit the widget and choose:

  1. Display the mobile-pocket widget with your favorite map in a square shape,
  2. in the rectangular shape you have three of your favorite cards on the home screen
  3. and with the third variant you save yourself another click, because with this - if available - the barcode or QR code of your favorite card is displayed in the widget. Comfortable, isn't it?

mobile-pocket widget in the "Today" view

Do you feel more at home in the "Today" view of your iPhone than on the home screen? Then add the mobile-pocket widget (also) there. The method is the same as on the home screen.

Light or dark - you decide

mobile-pocket is also available in dark mode - and you are also spoiled for choice when it comes to widgets: light or dark? Light or dark fashion? Whatever you decide: you have your favorite cards at hand right away.