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Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the city with the most skyscrapers in the world, with a total of 350 such high-rise buildings with a height of at least 150 meters.

Hong Kong or Hong Kong is a city in the south of China. It is in a special area that has different rules than the rest of China. It is called the "Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China". Over seven million people live in the area, almost as many as in all of Austria.

The area was a colony of Great Britain for about 150 years. That is why many people there speak not only the Chinese language, Cantonese, but also English. Compared to China, but also to Europe, most of the inhabitants are wealthy. Many companies and banks are based in Hong Kong.

So that the many people can live, many skyscrapers have been built in Hong Kong. Old buildings were demolished for this and are very rare today. However, many people do not even have their own room, but have to share it with several others. Hong Kong looks very modern, at least in the city center.

What does the country look like?

In the north of the New Territories

Hong Kong consists of the mainland and islands. Most of the mainland is called New Territories. They came to Hong Kong Colony later than the other areas. This includes almost all of Hong Kong's country. For a long time you could still see farms and old villages there. It wasn't until after 1980 that there was a lot of construction there too.

One area on the mainland is called Kowloon, pronounced Kau-Luhn. It's a bit like the old town of Hong Kong, although you don't know a lot of old buildings. Hong Kong Island is opposite. There are also some islands, but not very many people live on them.

The Hong Kong area is very hilly. The highest mountain is in the New Regions and is over 900 meters high. Because Hong Kong is far south, the climate is subtropical. So it gets very hot, especially in summer. On average it is then around 35 degrees Celsius.

What happened earlier in Hong Kong?

The Hong Kong Museum shows what Hong Kong looked like over 100 years ago.

People lived in the Hong Kong area as far back as the Younger Stone Age. When an early Chinese empire came into being, the area was part of it. That was around the year 200 BC, i.e. at the time when the Roman Empire existed in Europe. The five important ruling families who are still known in Hong Kong today have lived in the area since the Middle Ages.

Around 1840 there was a war between Great Britain and China. Great Britain conquered and kept Hong Kong Island as a colony. At that time only seven thousand people lived there, mostly fishermen and charcoal burners.

Great Britain later received land on mainland China, which lies opposite Hong Kong Island. In 1898, Great Britain and China agreed that the New Territories would belong to Great Britain for 99 years.

For Great Britain, Hong Kong became an important port for warships, but also for trade. Many Chinese fled to Hong Kong when there was civil war in China. So it was initially in World War II, although the colony was conquered by Japan. Hong Kong had more and more residents due to the refugees.

In 1997 the British era ended when not only the New Territories but all of Hong Kong was returned to China. There had been talks about this long before. China has promised that not so much would change for its residents.

What do you need to know about the people of Hong Kong?

The vast majority of the residents are Han Chinese. That is the vast majority in China too. Many of them come from the Chinese Guangdong Province, which is in the north of the Hong Kong area. Your ancestors came here in the 20th century. Tens of thousands of Chinese still come to Hong Kong every year.

Around every tenth inhabitant is not Chinese. These people come from other Asian countries such as India, Pakistan and the Philippines. There are also people from the UK, the US and other countries.

Cantonese and English are the official languages. Almost half of the population say they can speak English. But it is only the mother tongue for a few. A similar number of residents can speak standard Chinese as it is spoken in Beijing, for example.

Many Hong Kong residents have no religion. According to some surveys, it is even two thirds. Those who have a religion mostly believe in the teachings of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. About one in ten is a Christian.

Who is in charge of the country?

This is where the Parliament, the Legislative Council, meets.

Hong Kong as a special administrative region has its own constitution, which is called the Basic Law. This contains the most important rules for the area. Hong Kong, for example, has a parliament, the Legislative Council. Members of parliament are elected by the people in various ways.

Hong Kong also has its own government. The head of government is also a kind of head of state. He is allowed to determine a great deal and also chooses the judges. A special council appoints the head of government. The members of this council are also elected in different ways.

First of all, that looks very democratic. However, the Chinese government in Beijing has a huge influence on Hong Kong. In reality, the Chinese government has a say in who can become members of parliament or head of government in Hong Kong.

What is Hong Kong known for?

A statue to Bruce Lee, a Hong Kong movie star. By 1970, many well-known martial arts films were released in theaters in Europe and North America as well. Other Hong Kong stars include Jackie Chan, Michelle Yeoh, and Jet Li.

Many Chinese know Hong Kong as a city of entertainment. So they like the cantopop, the hit music in Cantonese, as it comes from Hongkomg. Films are made there that are sold all over the world. Only in India and Hollywood is the film industry bigger.

Hong Kong food and drink is part of the Cantonese way of cooking. However, a lot has been adopted from the West. Famous things about Hong Kong include the roast duck and dim sum, dumplings with a filling.

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