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Empty jam jars shouldn't be thrown away straight away! With the rest of the jam you can make a delicious salad sauce. Simply add vinegar, oil, salt and pepper or other spices to the glass and shake vigorously.

Tip from Ute E.

All you need to make your microwave shine in new splendor is a microwave-safe bowl of water and an orange. Cut the orange into slices, put it in the bowl of water and place it in the microwave for 5 minutes on the highest setting. Then you can remove the bowl and simply wipe the dirt out with a damp cloth. The tropical fruit has a slightly disinfecting effect, is excellent for cleaning and has a fresh scent.

Tip from the editors.

If the lunch box still smells like food despite being washed several times, you can crumple up newspaper, put it in the box and seal it. After about two days, it smells neutral again.

Tip from Z. Zahovic.

No thanks! A small bowl with some coffee grounds in the refrigerator helps here - it absorbs the unpleasant odors that some foods can cause.

Tip from Stefanie F.

If cutting fruit is too cumbersome for you, you can simply use the egg cutter. Simply place strawberries, bananas and the like on the cutting surface and press down the blades. You already have many pieces of the same size.

Tip from Nadine B.



To prevent overflow when cooking pasta or potatoes, simply spread a little butter on the edge of the pot. Then put the lid back on the pot - and the water will no longer overflow.

Tip from Selina H.

Over time, wooden floors and furniture can become quite scratchy. Olive oil helps to make them shine like new again - ideally in combination with white vinegar. Simply fill a glass with 1/4 vinegar and 3/4 olive oil, dip a kitchen towel in it and rub the affected area. Excess oil should be removed with a dry cloth - otherwise the surface will stick.

Tip from Ute R.

The blades of the blender are dull now? No problem! Frozen eggshells change that in a matter of seconds. Simply put the bowls in the mixer and mix well several times with a little water. The cutting blades are sharp and ready for use again.

Tip from Bedia L.

I discovered the use of mason jars for myself. When we cleared grandma’s cellar, I found the many old glasses too good to throw away. If the glasses were very annoying in the cupboard at the beginning, I started to store kitchen scraps in the glasses. Now they are an integral part of my kitchen for me. The glasses are easy to stack and they do not discolour like plastic containers (e.g. from tomato sauce). In addition, the glasses protect the environment and the wallet.

Tip from Nina S.

Anyone who keeps their four-legged friends in the house knows the problem: animal hair on upholstered furniture. They simply cannot be avoided if you keep your animals indoors and they are also allowed on the couch. You don't always have to take the vacuum cleaner out of the corner to remove hair. A rubber glove has the same effect. Even stubborn animal hair can be removed very well with it. Simply cover it and rub it over the sofa in circular movements.

Tip from Susanne K.

So that peas keep their green color when cooked, simply add a pinch of baking soda to the cooking water.

Tip from Lisa H.

If aphids are destroying your plants, they can use baking soda to control them. To do this, mix some baking soda and water in a spray bottle and spray the affected plants regularly, about every two days, until the problem is resolved.

Tip from Thomas W.

Yufka are wafer-thin Turkish dough sheets that are reminiscent of our puff pastry. They can be filled sweetly, but also savory. In our recipe proposal, we decided on the latter. Feta fans in particular will get their money's worth. Try now.

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If my eyes are puffy in the morning, I soak two cotton pads with cooled black coffee. Put this on the eyes, let it work for ten minutes, done.

Tip from Sonja A.

When roasting meat and fish, the fat can splash quite a bit - that not only makes the kitchen dirty, it also hurts. A splash guard can help. Since not only the fat but also the water splashes on the food when frying, meat and Co. should be dabbed off well before they are put in the pan. To bind the water, it can help to sprinkle the bottom of the pan with salt before adding the fat.

Tip from Angie K.