Why is mobile internet so popular today

Statistics on the topic of mobile internet

Published by Statista Research Department, November 27, 2019
The share of mobile devices (excluding tablets) in all page views was around 37.7 percent in Europe in 2018 and around 50.8 percent worldwide. According to a Cisco forecast for monthly mobile data traffic worldwide, this is expected to increase from 7 exabytes per month in 2016 to around 49 exabytes per month in 2021. In Germany, the volume of data transferred in mobile communications totaled around 1.99 billion gigabytes in 2018. The market leader among mobile operating systems worldwide was Android in September 2019 with a market share of 76.2 percent. Apple's iOS achieved a market share of 22.5 percent during the period.
In Germany, the share of mobile internet users was 68 percent in 2018. Mobile Internet is particularly popular among 16 to 24 year olds. In this age group, the proportion of Internet users who also use the mobile Internet was 98 percent.
According to a survey by Gruner + Jahr, adolescents and young adults are also ahead with regard to the daily usage time of the mobile Internet: 45 percent of the smartphone users up to 19 years of age said that they use the mobile Internet for more than 120 minutes a day. Among the respondents aged 60 and over, however, this proportion was four percent.
One of the most frequently used content on the Internet via smartphone in this country is weather information. The second most common use of the Internet is to research information via a smartphone.

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