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Laborious derusting was yesterday

Car body repairs made easy NIGRIN offers you coordinated system products, from corrosion protection to clear lacquer, which make your work in car body repairs easier. With the NIGRIN Performance rust removers, step 1 "Rust treatment" has become even easier for you. The metals treated with the chemical rust removers are even temporarily protected against renewed corrosion. Please note: The products should only be used in well-ventilated rooms, galvanized iron parts are partially de-zincified. Do not leave parts covered with the rust remover for an unnecessarily long time.

“The brown plague” lives up to its name again and again, because rust is and will remain a problem. Stone chips, scratches or other damage to the paintwork are points of attack for the rust. Road salt also causes damage. Because its dew point is lower today than it used to be, the wet mixture eats its way through the paint. The result is rust. Whenever unprotected iron reacts with water and oxygen, layers of rust form. The longer this process takes, the deeper the rust goes and the more time-consuming it is to remove it manually. Cleaning is then often only possible by processing with sandpaper, wire brush or by labor-intensive sandblasting. Because the complete removal of rust is a prerequisite for permanent corrosion protection. Let the right ingredients work for you But rust is also easy to dissolve. The particular challenge of chemical rust removal is to completely remove the rust but at the same time not to attack the metal. This works perfectly with the NIGRIN Performance rust removers. The rust removal takes place automatically through special active ingredients. Special ingredients ensure that the metals are spared. The following materials can be processed with the rust removers: In addition to steel and iron, they can be used for copper, aluminum (also anodized), intact chrome and brass.

Then select the suitable NIGRIN products to achieve permanent preservation.

Steps 1.

Damage in the event of scratches and paint damage

Rust treatment, zinc spray, modeling, filling, filling, fine filling, re-sanding, finish sanding, silicone removal, primer, top coat, clear coat

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Gel or immersion bath

NIGRIN Performance Rust Remover is available in two forms: as an easy-to-apply gel or as an immersion bath. The mode of action is equally effective - the decisive factor is whether you need to treat surfaces or smaller parts.

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For dents, dents and deformations

For rust perforation, extensive damage and holes