Are Duolingo moderators paid

How does Duolingo make money?

Hello everyone, I've been here for the second day, think the service is great. I just wonder how duolingo makes money. As far as I can see you are in beta as some users have the "Words" tab, others do not. The site has been around for almost 4 years. Lt. Wikipedia has duolingo ~ 50 employees. There is no advertising. There are no functions to inject money into the system (such as "in-app purchases"). So what does the service live on? greeting

Hi. If you scroll all the way down on this page, there is a link "about us". If you click on it, you come to this page here and there z. B. 6 investors. Google alone has invested an 8-digit sum in Duolingo and the market value should now be a good 9-digit sum (but I'm too lazy to look for that right now). In the past, a little money was made selling translations of the "Immersion" feature, but only in the high 6-digit range. Some merchandising is also sold, but most of it is outside investment. In addition, the Duolingo team is extremely small - only about 55 people are active for 120,000,000 users. On Duolingo, the user pays not money, but time and all course creators and moderators here work on a voluntary basis, because we can all learn languages ​​here for free and believe in a good cause.

I will certainly not have mentioned everything here by now, but you have an idea of ​​where the money comes from.

Ps .: The fact that Duolingo uses A / B tests all the time doesn't mean that the site is still in beta, it is simply the most common scientific method here to look for the best and most efficient features.

Thank you for the information. Sure, "start-ups" are financed. At some point, however, you will have to find a way that the investments will pay off. Experience shows that the more professional a service is, the closer it is. As long as I am grateful for the free service and the work of the volunteers;)

As already mentioned by MultLinguAlex, most of it is currently done on a voluntary basis and / or through investor funds. The original business model was the articles under immersion, but this has apparently proven unsustainable.

The current strategy aimed at making Duolingo self-financing is to sell language certificates at a low price (much lower than other standard tests). This system is still under construction and there is no telling whether it will work.