What is your current desktop background why

Just like I "lost" the picture that was set as the desktop background?

Windows 10 saves this under one of the following two paths:

% AppData% \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Themes \ TranscodedWallpaper


% AppData% \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Themes \ CachedFiles

Windows saves the picture without a file extension. This means that when one of these two paths is called, a query appears asking which program should be used to open the desired file.

I opted for IrfanView and was able to save my background image as a JPEG file again.

Standard backgrounds

While researching my system, I noticed the following two paths:

% SystemRoot% \ Resources \ Themes

Windows saves the files of the installed themes or designs here.

And under

% LocalAppData% \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Themes

there are themes that eg. were carried by the manufacturer of the laptop or PC; that is, OEM elements.


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