Which insurance companies cover motorcycles

Motorcycle liability insurance

If you cause an accident as a motorcyclist, liability insurance comes into play. It is liable in the event of personal injury or property damage to third parties. This reduces your financial risk in the event of a claim. You can find out exactly what motorcycle liability insurance does and what else is important here.

Motorcycle liability - regulations in Germany

In Germany, both motorists and motorcyclists are required to take out liability insurance. This is regulated differently than with liability insurance for your house or apartment. Here this type of insurance is optional.

The compulsory insurance for the use of a motorcycle lies in the use itself, because statistically motorcyclists are exposed to a high risk of accidents. Liability insurance forms the basis of your insurance coverage and covers various third-party claims for damages if you cause an accident or damage.

Our liability insurance service

Verti offers you inexpensive but high-performance liability insurance with which you can ride your motorcycle in a relaxed manner. A wide variety of factors come together in our calculations and services, such as:

• The age of the driver (policyholders under the age of 25 have to pay more for their insurance cover.)

• The equipment of the motorcycle

• The storage of the motorcycle (is the motorcycle on the street or in a garage?)

• The driver's affiliation to a professional group

With partial comprehensive insurance, you can choose from three service packages with us. These are based entirely on your needs and even cover damage to your helmet or clothing up to 1,000 euros in the premium tariff.

Save on liability insurance for motorcycles with the seasonal license plate

If you only use your motorcycle in the summer months, it is advisable to think about a seasonal registration of the vehicle, as this reduces the insurance risk. Your motorcycle will then be given a seasonal license plate that shows when you can ride it. Outside of the registered period, the motorcycle must be stopped accordingly.

Insurance cover remains in place during the rest of the year. If, for example, gasoline leaks from your machine and gets into the ground, your liability insurance will take effect. If you also own a car, talk to us about second vehicle insurance for your motorcycle. Bonuses from an existing liability insurance can be transferred to the second vehicle, regardless of whether it is a car, mobile home or motorcycle.

Expansion of motorcycle liability insurance through partial coverage

Many motorcycles cannot be stored in a garage and are exposed to the whims of the weather. Damage to the vehicle caused, for example, by hail or storms, is covered by partial comprehensive insurance in addition to your liability insurance. In many cases, it pays to think about partial coverage. In what cases? We would be happy to advise you on this. Just get in touch with our insurance experts.

Take out liability insurance for your motorcycle

You can easily take out liability insurance for your motorcycle online. In just a few steps, our offer calculator will quickly guide you to your personal tariff. After signing a contract, you will immediately receive an electronic insurance confirmation that you need to register your motorcycle. So don't hesitate any longer, get yourself an affordable and high-performance motorcycle liability insurance from Verti.