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Usually only the largest land mass of the Australian country is connected to Australia, but it actually consists of several individual countries. According to the United Nations division, Australia also includes the Heard and McDonald Islands, which, however, are geographically assigned to the Antarctic continent.

Australia consists of 6 countries that extend over a land mass of 8 million km². This corresponds to a share of around 5% of the total habitable surface of the earth. The coastline in and around Australia has a total length of 41,193 km. 30.35 million people (= 0.4% of the world population) live in these 6 countries in Australia.

Australian population

The indigenous population of the different countries is extremely diverse and is made up of different cultures, religions and origins. On the main Australian island, the original population consisted of Aborigines and the Torres Strait Islanders (islands northeast of the main island). On the western islands there were predominantly Papuan, Polynesian and Melanesian peoples. However, immigration and colonization over the past two centuries have severely decimated the indigenous population. Meanwhile, people of European origin - above all the British - represent by far the largest proportion.

The Aborigines only have a population of less than 2% in Australia. Tasmanian peoples were thought to be extinct in the meantime, but the current population is estimated to be between 6,000 and 23,000, depending on the counting method.

Island or mainland?

Because of its remote location on the world map, Australia is often referred to as an island. Depending on the map model, the two-dimensional representation may also appear distorted. Without the relation to other parts of the world, the island concept is quite understandable. In fact, the land mass of almost 8 million km² is almost as large as Europe (including the European part of Russia). Even the main Australian island still has an area of ​​7.6 million km² and is around three times the size of Greenland. There is another reason why Australia is not an island: An island is surrounded by water all around. However, since this ultimately applies to all land masses, the continents have been excluded from this definition without further ado. So Australia is by definition just as little an island as America.

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