What makes America so great

"Trump makes China great again"

American democracy was popular among many Chinese people during Barack Obama's presidency. However, with the election of Donald Trump and the events surrounding the elections, the United States has lost its luster in China.

Actually, China's netizens should look forward to November 11th, known as Singles' Day, because there are countless discount campaigns for products on the e-commerce platforms on this occasion. This year, however, everything is different because of the crime story surrounding the American presidential election. The Chinese, who are otherwise so eager to spend, are more fascinated by the slow counting than by Singles ’Day. The netizens perceive the events in the United States as entertainment.

State propaganda such as “People’s Daily” and Xinhua are still holding back with comments. The nationalist newspaper "Global Times" butchered what is going on in America. One article says that the Chinese can see here how chaotic American society is.

The "Divided States of America"

The Communist Party must see this year's presidential election in the United States as a gift - in contrast to the election of Barack Obama twelve years ago. At that time, democracy in the United States was seen as a beacon for many Chinese, also because Obama was a dark-skinned man who had moved into the White House. His choice was symbolic of a fair American society.

For many Chinese, however, Donald Trump embodies the conservative old white man who divided the country. China's social networks said that after Trump's four-year presidency, the country would no longer be the United States. Rather, it is the divided states, regardless of who will win the election, was the comment. In China there are even concerns that the conflict over the outcome of the election could end in civil war.

The American president has various nicknames in China. The most telling phrase is likely to be “Trump the Nation Builder”. This alludes to the fact that he is contributing to the rise of China because he is accelerating the decline of his own country.

The former shine has faded

The Chinese are following the problems of the United States in dealing with the coronavirus or the slow counting of the votes with amazement. Until recently, China would have associated such occurrences with developing countries, but not with America, the world's leading power. The country has a good reputation and is particularly attractive to many Chinese. At the latest after the chaotic years in office of Trump, the former glory has faded.

China recognizes that Trump's re-election would be painful in the short term. From Beijing's point of view, however, it is a guarantee that America's decline and the departure from allies will continue. And with his sanctions against companies like telecom equipment supplier Huawei, the American president has shown the Chinese how vulnerable their country still is. They are grateful to him for that too, because they want to fix the weak points in the years to come. There is also a phrase in China: "Trump makes China great again."