What causes aggression against homosexuality

Attitude towards homosexual couplesTheoretically tolerant

According to a recent poll, the majority of the population is in favor of "marriage for all". Theoretically. At the same time, many find it uncomfortable when homosexual couples show their affection in public.

To be eyed strangely is part of everyday life for Sefika Mai and her partner. But she remembered one experience in particular. She was walking through town with her partner and two children when suddenly someone appeared in front of them.

"There was spat out in broad daylight in front of us and said: Fuck lesbians!"
Sefika Mai on experiences of discrimination in public

Majority for "marriage for all", but ...

"The most important thing for us at the moment was that we could get the children out of the situation because there was simply a very aggressive atmosphere," says Sefika today.

In a current survey by the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency it is said that 83 percent of those questioned are in favor of same-sex marriage. However, 38 percent also say that they find it "rather to very unpleasant" with same-sex men when they show their affection in public. 27.5 percent find it uncomfortable when it comes to two women. In the case of heterosexual couples, it is only 10.5 percent.

Sefika says: Finding "marriage for all" theoretically good and fair is easy. "To be confronted with it in a very concrete way, that's something else."

"For me it shows that it's more superficial."
Sefika May about tolerance to homosexuals

Sefika also made the experience at work. She works as a social pedagogue in the state coordination of anti-violence for lesbians and gays in North Rhine-Westphalia. "We always have parents who come to counseling because the son is gay or the daughter has come out as a lesbian," she says. "And who are really sometimes even surprised by their own reactions."

Skepticism in private life

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"Liberal people who would say of themselves: We are very tolerant of minorities, for example, and suddenly they have a problem."
Sefika Mai about experiences at her work

This is also suggested by another result of the survey. It says: People become more skeptical as soon as the subject of homosexuality touches the private sphere. So if someone is homosexual at work, then that's more okay than if their own son or daughter is homosexual.

Basically, it is not bad to have a feeling that is not positive, says Sefika. "It becomes problematic when you deny yourself the right to make a stupid remark or perhaps discriminate against your children."