Why do people still fly Delta Airlines

Delta Air Lines flights to the USA


Delta Airlines is one of the largest airlines in the world. Based in the USA, it has a very dense route network and transports more than 110 million passengers every year. Thanks to the close partnership with the airlines Air France and KLM, you as a customer also benefit from flight options via Amsterdam or Paris and thus an even greater range and affordable prices.


The Delta Airlines fleet consists of over 1200 aircraft, which is composed of modern Airbus and Boeing models.

Frequent Flyer Program

About the frequent flyer program SkyMiles from Delta Air Lines you can collect bonus miles with every flight and exchange them for further flights, upgrades or great rewards.

Flight alliance

Delta Air Lines is a member of the aviation alliance SkyTeam. A global aviation association of 20 airlines, whose members cooperate with each other. This gives you far-reaching benefitsin terms of connections, customer service and flexibility. The airlines are from Europe KLM, Air France and AlItalia Cooperation partner of the association.

Departure airports

The departure airport in Germany is Frankfurt. You can use many other airports from Germany, Austria or Switzerland via the partner airlines KLM and Air France. E.g .: Munich, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne, Bremen, Dresden, Leipzig, Münster, Hanover, Nuremberg, Paderborn, Friedrichshafen, Rostock, Zurich, Vienna


For current flight prices, please contact us and we will be happy to check the flight you want for you.

Minimum stay

There must be a Sunday night between the outward and return flight.

Maximum stay

12 months

Open jaw flights

If you want to fly back from a different airport in the USA than the one at which you arrived, half of the airfare is made up of half of the airfare for the regular route of both airports.

Intermediate stops (stays)

If you want to stay for several days instead of changing in a city in the USA that is on the regular route of your Delta Airline flight, this is always possible. We would be happy to advise you on the possibilities and costs.

Train to the airport

In combination with your Delta flight, you can purchase a Rail & Fly ticket for a return journey in second class (including IC / EC and ICE surcharges) with Deutsche Bahn to your departure airport. This ticket is valid from every German train station. Seat reservations can be made with Deutsche Bahn AG for a surcharge. The train tickets are valid 1 day before departure and up to 1 day after arrival at the airport.

Every traveler is responsible for arriving at the airport on time. Please plan your train connection so that you arrive at the respective airport counter at least 4 hours before departure. If the flight is not reached due to late arrival by bus or train, the tour operator assumes no liability.

Award miles

With every flight mile you can collect valuable reward points for Delta Air Lines' frequent flyer program "SkyMiles". Just give us your frequent flyer number. We will arrange for the award miles to be transferred to your mileage account. By the way: applying for free membership in the miles program is not only worthwhile as a frequent flyer. Even a simple transatlantic flight brings you lucrative award miles.

Rebooking / change

Rebooking or changes are no longer possible after the ticket has been issued. This also applies to name changes. In the case of rebooking or changes before the ticket is issued, the current flight price (and taxes / fees) must be used as a basis. This may differ from the booked price.


Possible for a fee. Our general travel conditions apply.

Seat reservation

All seats are now on many flights only with costs can be reserved in advance. With the booking you will receive the relevant information from us, if you wish. A reservation at the online check-in the day before is possible free of charge for many seats.
The airlines reserve the right to change seats at any time. The airlines therefore do not guarantee certain seats and are not part of the transport service.

Baggage Regulations

Please note the respective tariff regulations of the selected flight. If your tariff includes free baggage, you can check in 1 piece of baggage per person with a maximum of 23kg for your flight free of charge. The added edge dimensions of the individual piece of luggage (length + width + thickness) must not exceed 158cm. A second piece of luggage weighing up to 23kg and with the specified edge dimensions can also be checked in for a fee; payable at check-in at the airport. Excess baggage of up to 32 kg per item (additional items, excess weight or dimensions) can be checked in for a fee.

On domestic US flights that are not part of an international flight ticket, no baggage allowance is usually included.

For further information and information on special baggage, please contact us. Changes possible at any time.


The airline's conditions of carriage and regulations apply. Changes are possible at any time. Please note that some tariffs are non-refundable.

Please note that not all services offered are for people with Mobility restrictions are suitable. Feel free to contact us so that we can check for you whether the product you have chosen is suitable for your requirements.