What should you know before moving internationally

5 things to consider before working abroad

“I think I would say that it is important to have a passion - for the country, the language, the job you would do there (and ideally, of course, everything together). Because it is definitely not "the easy way" and if you have to work your way through the administrative jungle or cultural differences, then it is definitely good to always know why you are doing it. "

That has Amelie said German expat in France - and we all know that Germany is the king of bureaucracy. But she mentions one very important thing: passion. If you don't like what you're doing or where you are, every step you take will be painful. So make sure you make your decision don't hit for the wrong reason and always remember: once the paperwork is done, you will live the life you have always wanted in the city you have always dreamed of.

You will drink wine in Paris on the Seine and admire the Eiffel Tower, enjoy a glass of sangria during your after-works on the beach in Barcelona or stroll through cute little streets in Berlin, eat your currywurst and discover the coolest street art you have ever seen .

What are you waiting for? It's time to pack your bags! One of the rare Dutch emigrants we found has a few nice words to describe why you should always try and move to another country:

“Working abroad is a fantastic way to get to know a country. You get the feeling of traveling, but at the same time you feel the security that comes from staying in the same place for a while and finding a good way to make a living. You get to know a new side of the country you love. "