How do people use Twitter for business purposes?

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The BfArM has been active on Twitter since January 2017. We look forward to the exchange and ask for a respectful treatment in the sense of our netiquette. It is tweeted in the name of the BfArM, so name abbreviations are deliberately omitted.

Please note that the BfArM is not allowed to provide individual medical advice or recommendations on diagnosis and therapy via Twitter. Many factors are important for this, which can only be adequately taken into account in personal contact between medical specialists and the persons to be treated. The BfArM is also not allowed to provide any legal information in legal cases.

Reporting of side effects

The recording and analysis of side effects is an important part of the chain of mechanisms for maintaining and improving drug safety. For this reason, it is important that these reports are made as detailed as possible. ADR reports via Twitter are therefore not effective - we ask you to send them to us instead of via Twitter using the following report form specially designed for consumers:
Reported side effects by citizens and patients


Refrain from insults, defamation, defamation and provocation as well as comments with vulgar, violence-glorifying, discriminatory, racist, sexist, hateful and / or illegal statements or content.

  • Commercial contributions are also to be avoided.
  • Mentions and comments should be factually related to the topic of the tweet or to the topics of the BfArM.
  • The language on the BfArM's social media channels is German. Questions can also be asked in English.
  • A note: If possible, do not provide any sensitive data in public social media communication with us and thus protect your personality.

The BfArM reserves the right to exclude users whose contributions violate this netiquette from the discussion in the future. In addition, the terms of use of Twitter apply.


Please note that the BfArM has no influence on the terms of use of the individual social networks. We expressly draw your attention to the fact that the companies operating the social networks that we use for communication permanently store data outside of Germany and use it for business purposes. To what extent and for what duration the data is stored cannot be determined by us.
We therefore recommend that you carefully check which personal data you are making available to social networks. For our part, we treat your data with the utmost care, but assume no liability for the behavior of the social network companies or third parties.

Further contact options

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