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The Rosenheim cops

“Gentlemen, there was a corpse,” it says when the secret chief of the Rosenheim police, Ms. Stockl (Marisa Burger), Commissioner Korbinian Hofer (Joseph Hannesschläger) and his colleagues send off the hunt for criminals again.

The previous evening crime series “Rosenheim Cops” is now in its 17th season on ZDF. The filming locations are almost all in the southern Bavaria area, the landscape shots are often made in the Chiemgau, on the Chiemsee, or in the Fünfseenland southwest of Munich.

Update: The last episode with actor Joseph Hannesschläger, who died in January 2020 and who starred in over 400 episodes in the role of Korbinian Hofer, will be broadcast on March 17, 2020.

Rosenheim visitors can visit old and new original locations of the series as part of a city tour and learn interesting stories about the actors and filming. Many a discovery awaits the guests, for example that the police station in the series is actually the Rosenheim town hall.

The first episodes were even shot in the Rosenheim town hall. But after the employees couldn't find their files after the recordings, the offices on the Bavaria Filmstadt site were recreated.

Ludwigsplatz with its beautiful St. Nicholas Church is a motif that is often used by the "Rosenheim cops". The series also often features Max-Josefs-Platz, with its historic town houses, the “parlor” of the city. If you look around here, you will discover a lot of crime scenes, because almost every house here has been involved in a criminal case. Unlike what is shown on TV, the square is in the pedestrian zone and in fact cannot be accessed by car.

By the way, Superintendent Sven Hansen and Police Commissioner Gerd Achtziger live very close by, on Hafnerstrasse.

Unfortunately, fewer and fewer Rosenheim locations appear in the series. The Landgasthaus Liegl in Dietramszell serves as the backdrop for the “Rosenbräu” inn. The "Times Square" is part of the "Old Brewery" in Stegen am Ammersee, but this has now been recreated in the film studio. The filming location of the Hofer-Hof is a private farm near Weyarn.

The interior shots are recorded in the Bavaria film studios as well as in rotating villas in various locations around Munich, Starnberg and Tegernsee.


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