What is PPC in digital marketing

What does Pay Per Click mean? What is PPC

Pay per click or. PPC, in German Click compensation is a digital form of payment for PPC advertising in which the advertiser only pays when the advertising material is clicked. Pay-Per-Click was once introduced by the US search engine Goto.com, now known as the Yahoo subsidiary Overture. It is a common billing model in online marketing in which the service is billed per click (page view).

Payment is only made if a search result or other advertising material is clicked on, and not for the display itself. Text ads, display banners, etc. are primarily advertising and must be labeled accordingly.

Is particularly interesting Pay per click therefore for smaller companies and those interested in low budget, because this form of advertising enables them to place advertisements on well-known portals and search engines with little financial outlay.

Google and Yahoo pioneers in pay per click

Google AdWords or Yahoo! Search Marketing use this model, e.g. for billing advertisements in addition to search results (sponsored links).

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