What was your deepest moment

Jesse Marsch: "It is definitely the deepest moment for me"

"It is a huge surprise that Admira wins 1-0 and is playfully convincing" - Andreas Herzog

Andreas Herzog (Sky Expert):

... after the game: “It is a huge surprise that Admira wins 1-0 and is playfully convincing. The win today gives the team and the whole club a lot of joy and hopefully the self-confidence for the next games. That's exactly what you need in a situation like this. Admira showed passion and played bravely. From a secured defense and in possession of the ball tries to play football. You dream of such a performance as a coach against Salzburg. "

Alfred Tatar (Sky Expert):

... after the game: “There will be no bigger sensation in any league in Europe this weekend than Admira with a win against a possible Champions League round of 16. It's beyond my imagination. The Admira has shown itself to be much better and delivered a decent performance from start to finish. In the course of the game you got the impression that Salzburg would not get through. Praise to Admira and strong criticism of the Salzburg performance. "


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