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  1. Apache Spark is a powerful tool for working with large amounts of data. The Golem Academy's online training makes it easier for those new to Big Data to get started.
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  2. Anyone who deals even superficially with big data and real-time analysis quickly comes across terms and solutions that are not immediately apparent. Why do I need a message queue and what is the difference between Apache Hadoop and Kafka? What role does that play in a Kappa architecture?
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  3. Yahoo has been part of the Verizon Group since 2016, including Oath, the Verizon Digital Network. Oath now places Yahoo's big data engine Vespa, written in Java, under an open source license.

  4. With Supercomputing as a Service, customers should be able to rent computing power for scientific projects or AI functions. To do this, the manufacturer Cray connects its machines with the infrastructure of its partner Markley. The advantage for users: lower costs.

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  5. Modern home electronics relieve their residents of work, anticipate their wishes and make life overall easier - according to the theory. But with a man in England it went completely wrong.

  1. FLYERALARM Digital GmbH, Marktheidenfeld, Kesselsdorf
  2. HCC / KPM Electronics GmbH, Siegen
  3. PROSOZ Herten GmbH, Herten (Ruhr area), home office
  4. Federal Criminal Police Office, Wiesbaden

  1. SAP bought Altiscale to have more options with big data. The startup could also create a new strategy in the area in the German group.

  2. The new SQL Server 2016 from Microsoft offers speed increases thanks to in-memory technology, supports the statistics software R and enables machine learning from the database. The SQL server is free for developers - also for the time of the migration from Oracle.

  3. The Spotify streaming service is migrating its backend to Google's cloud service. That simplifies the developer's work in the long term. Before that, however, the analysis tools still have to be modified.

  4. Microsoft is now releasing products for the R language under its own name after purchasing it. The support for Linux, Hadoop and the free variant are retained. There are also free offers.

  5. The new version 9.5 of PostgreSQL can create or update entries via upsert. Security has been improved and the database offers several big data functions.

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  1. The new Office 2016 with team options, a new design and new functions, including for Excel and Outlook, is here. Office 365 users can already download the new version, the single-user licenses will follow tomorrow.

  2. So-called preemptible VMs can now also be booked in Google's cloud, which do not run longer than 24 hours and may even be switched off abruptly beforehand. However, this uncertainty should cost customers particularly little.

  3. So far, Google has only used its Bigtable database internally. Bigtable can now also be used as a cloud service. Google had previously released its programming interface for data analysis, Cloud Dataflow, for everyone.

  1. Ignite 2015 Microsoft has released the public preview version of Office 2016. This means that everyone can try out the new office suite that is due to appear in autumn. Microsoft wants to enable a new way of working in the team and support users with new help functions.

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  2. To prevent the increasing fragmentation of the Hadoop big data infrastructure, Hortonworks has teamed up with IBM and Pivotal to create the Open Data Platform. The Hadoop cores of your big data solutions should be coordinated with one another.

  3. Huawei plans to equip mobile operators with the next level of LTE as early as next year. The new magic word in London today was "4.5 G". This will be discussed with Vodafone and Deutsche Telekom.

  1. With the Mesosphere operating system, the servers of an entire data center should be able to be managed like a single device. To do this, technology is used that, among other things, also uses Twitter.

  2. Google does it, Bisnode does it too, and Facebook even more: They earn money with the information their users provide. Many other companies, on the other hand, don't even know how to use their data. You should look at dates like cotton.
    By Alexander Löser

  3. The Juno version of Openstack's object storage allows guidelines for easier global management. The data processing can now be taken over with Hadoop and Spark. The new version also provides the basics for Network Functions Virtualization (NFV).

  1. What is the current state of research and technology for main memory databases? How can disruptive properties be exploited for applications in the company's "immune system" and when does the use of this technology make economic sense in the company?
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  2. The US startup Databricks has set a new record for calculating data. The company's computers managed 100 terabytes in just 23 minutes. Previously, Yahoo had held the record.

  3. In more than 140,000 networked devices, researchers have discovered some serious security gaps, including zero-day exploits, hard-coded passwords and private keys.

  1. Like cockroaches, the CockroachDB database is designed to survive the worst of failures, hence the name. The team of former Google developers is reimplementing ideas from Spanner, which is replacing Mapreduce and Bigtable internally at Google.

  2. At a conference, Facebook developer Jeff Johnson presented the NoSQL database Apollo, which has been worked on for about a year. It is based on the functions of Hbase. It is not yet clear whether Apollo will be open source.

  3. The Hadoop distributor Cloudera and the provider of the database of the same name MongoDB have agreed on a strategic partnership. Big data customers in particular should benefit from this.

  4. Faster SQL queries with Apache Hive, an improved Mapreduce query with Tez and a long requested search are the components with which Hortonworks aims to keep Hadoop at the forefront of big data. Intel's investment in Cloudera is fueling fears of fragmentation.

  5. Microsoft's SQL Server 2014 is now available. In addition to integration in Azure and a data platform for Hadoop 2.2, the SQL Server also offers extended in-memory solutions.

  6. Microsoft is taking part in the price war in the cloud. The prices for Azure should fall by up to 65 percent.

  7. After Google, Amazon has also lowered the prices for its cloud offerings. At the same time, its offer for a virtual desktop infrastructure was made generally available.

  8. Extended in-memory solutions, seamless integration with the Azure cloud and a comprehensive data platform for Hadoop 2.2 are among the new features of Microsoft's SQL Server 2014.

  9. The EMC spin-off Pivotal has presented a number of new products for everything to do with Hadoop and its concept of a business data lake.

  10. The Linux distributor Red Hat and Hadoop maintainer Hortonworks are entering into a strategic partnership to integrate large parts of the big data framework into Red Hat's products.

  11. Udacity is setting up a new course on big data. Participation will be subject to a fee. For this, the participant receives support from a tutor.

  12. With Kinesis, Amazon presented a service for analyzing data streams in real time at its in-house exhibition Re: invent, with which several terabytes of data from several hundred thousand data sources can be processed per hour.

  13. Facebook has released Presto as open source, an interactive SQL engine for Hadoop that can be used to analyze large amounts of data in a short time. Presto is said to be ten times faster than the team from Hive and Mapreduce.

  14. Quanta is the first manufacturer to include open compute servers and racks in its range. Complete open compute racks or individual servers, storage servers, switches and mainboards can be ordered under the name Rackgo X, which correspond to the specifications of the open compute project founded by Facebook.

  15. For Fedora 20, the ARM port should be built and supported on an equal footing with the x86 versions. The developers are also discussing whether or not a syslog daemon should be installed by default.

  16. The annual simultaneous publication of all Eclipse projects is available for download under the name Kepler. The number of projects has not increased compared to the previous year.

  17. The chip manufacturer Intel has released its own Hadoop distribution that is specially adapted for its own processors. It should analyze data much faster, especially if it is stored in encrypted form for reasons of data security.

  18. What problems did Facebook's developers have to solve in order to manage the growth to more than 1 billion active users, and what have been the greatest technical achievements as a result? Not what most people think, says Robert Johnson, who led Facebook's infrastructure software team for five years.

  19. Does a user who searches for "Bavaria" mean the state, its residents or the football club? And how can search queries that appear for the first time or in a new context be classified? When machines learn too slowly, people can help.

  20. There are two new rack servers from HP that are suitable for complex calculations or big data applications. The Proliant SL270s G8 can hold up to 8 GPU cards, the Proliant SL4500 G8 up to 60 hard drives. Both servers are priced in the mid four-digit range.

  21. They should be ready in 2014: AMD's first processors with ARM cores. They are intended for economical servers, and not only the AMD subsidiary Seamicro should use them. Strong partners have already been found in Dell and HP.

  22. In the future, SAP wants to work with Hadoop providers to enable the integration of big data solutions based on Hadoop in SAP environments. For this purpose, SAP is offering a new big data bundle.

  23. The Hadoop specialist Cloudera has presented Impala, a solution for real-time queries on Hadoop and HBase. The queries are formulated in SQL and should be ten times faster than with Hive / Mapreduce.

  24. Spanner has been in use at Google for around three years, and last week Google published details about Spanner, which is to replace Google systems such as Bigtable and Megastore. It becomes clear: Google is one step ahead of its competition.

  25. With Drill the query and analysis of huge amounts of data should be accelerated. Drill is to become an incubator project of the ASF and is based on the concept of the Google tool Dremel, which the company uses internally.

  26. It's no secret that Twitter uses and develops open source software. The head of the open source department Chris Aniszczyk has now revealed how much open source technology the intelligence service uses and where.

  27. Version 2.0 of the free search engine Apache Nutch has been released. With Nutch, the web can be crawled and indexed just like your own intranet. The content can then be made available via a search.

  28. With sometimes massive failures, the leap second caused problems for the Linux kernel, MySQL and Java-based applications on the night of July 1, 2012, among other things. Qantas, Reddit and Mozilla, among others, were affected.

  1. AMD publishes incorrect data on the Radeon R9 280X

    A website on AMD's servers supposedly gives a good overview of the new R-series GPUs aka Volcanic Islands. The R9 290X, which has not yet been officially announced, is also among them, only the data for the other cards are partly incorrect.
    (R9 280x)

  2. Windows Live Messenger is forcibly merged with Skype

    Microsoft has now officially announced the conversion of its Windows Live Messenger to Skype. The old instant messenger can still be used until spring 2013.

  3. LTE smartphone protected from dust and water

    With the Xperia V, Sony is showing the first LTE-capable Android smartphone for the German market. As a special feature, it is protected from dust and water.
    (Xperia V)

  4. New anode material extends service life

    US researchers have modified a fuel cell so that it not only produces energy, but also stores it. It releases the stored electricity when its fuel is used up, which extends the life of the cell.
    (Fuel cell)

  5. Practical test Fujifilm X-Pro1
    Stubborn camera with remarkable image quality

    The Fujifilm Finepix X-Pro1 demands a lot from the user in terms of operation. Your slow autofocus strains your patience. And despite all the criticisms, the image quality makes up for all the effort. has subjected the controversial system camera to a practical test.
    (Fuji X Pro 1)

  6. Intel confirms data on 28 Ivy Bridge CPUs

    A PDF intended for dealers on Intel's web servers contains the data for all CPUs that are to appear by April 2012 with the new Ivy Bridge architecture. Processors for high-end desktops and ultrabooks are among them.
    (Ivy bridge)

  7. Windows Phone 7 for iPhone and Android

    Microsoft has published a web-based demo of the Windows Phone 7 user interface for iPhone and Android smartphones. Microsoft wants to bring its system closer to users of the competing platforms.
    (Windows 7 Android)

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