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Würzburg: Wertkauf became Walmart, which then became Real

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  • Würzburg: Wertkauf became Walmart, which then became Real
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Real 2x in Würzburg a real giant in the food retail sector.

In Würzburg there are two hypermarkets from real. One store is on Industriestrasse, the second on Europastern / Nürnberger Strasse. Together, the two branches have a shopping area of ​​15,000 square meters.

Both houses belonged to until 2007 Walmart. There Walmart gave up its German business, the 85 German branches were taken over by Metro and re-flagged as Real stores.

As part of our Store Check Tour Würzburg, we visited the flagship in Nürnberger Str.

In the 19th century there was a construction company on the site of today's department store on Nürnberger Straße. The current department store was finally built in 1976. However, various retail chains such as the hypermarkets practiced plaza(the former coop AG, Frankfurt) and Continent (today taken over by Real) with this huge retail space. In 1986 Hugo Mann's Wertkauf opened in this property. However, at the end of 1997 theValue purchaseon the Europastern of Walmart taken over and operated under the new name. At the beginning of May 2007 the Walmart closed on Europastern and reopened as Real on May 24, 2007.

  • Until 1997: Wertkauf Center

  • Until May 16, 2007: Walmart

The situation was similar at the 2nd location on Industriestrasse.

Took over in late 1998 Walmart also the earlier onesIntersparin Industriestrasse and renamed it. Then at the end of June 2007 it disappeared Walmart and the 2nd real was created.

The old large areas in Würzburg have a really eventful history behind them.

That was exactly the reason why we visited the largest hypermarket in town. The Real in Nürnberger Str. Directly on Europaplatz is a real giant. The store operates on almost 10,000 square meters of retail space and is presented on two sales levels. At that time, it was common to have a non-food business that was still running well on the 1st floor. For this purpose, the food hall was half built over and connected with a moving walkway. We don't want to question whether these areas are still economical today. However, today's Real team has managed to run an attractive non-food department on this gallery with the necessary frequency. The range performance in the non-food area is impressive, especially in the Christmas week Real was able to do good business here on site. However, the top seasonal items are also placed exclusively on the ground floor.

The food store offers all the possibilities of a real large area. The fresh areas and service counters are probably showing their age, but the ranges are up to date. The fruit and vegetable department acts like a large marketplace and opens the market. All food drying areas are implemented according to the current Real concepts and meet almost all customer requirements. The generous widths of the corridors make shopping pleasant, even though the entire property is showing its age.

The checkout zone consists of 16 service checkouts and 4 SCO systems. With this checkout constellation, the hypermarket management can optimally cope with customer frequency at different times of the day.


As before, the Real am Europastern is a contemporary shopping location, as the retail performance level achieved in the area of ​​the store management is good. However, Real's top management shouldn't wait too long to roll out at least the economic elements of the Krefeld market hall concept to Würzburg.

We rate the market with a good 20 out of a possible 21 medals.

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