What is Tiered Link Building in SEO

Link building

Link building is an important sub-discipline of search engine optimization. Link building is based on link popularity, which is still one of the most important ranking factors for the major search engines. This means that a website is considered more valuable by the search engine, the more other websites link to it. The aim of link building is to generate as many links (backlinks) as possible from other websites that point to your own site.


With the Google updates - the aim of which is to increase the quality of the search results for the user - the methods of link building also have to be adapted.

Outdated methods that either no longer work or are now being penalized by Google:

  • Entries in web catalogs / article directories
    Google recognizes these types of backlinks.
  • Entries in forums
    The creation of a signature with a backlink is recognized by the Google algorithm and is therefore hardly taken into account.
  • Link purchase
    Is prohibited according to Google guidelines. Link buyers and sellers are threatened with exclusion from the Google index.

Some current possibilities:

  • Blogger Relations
    Backlinks can be generated with the help of guest posts and similar collaborations. The previously often used method of implementing backlinks in the comment function of blogs is now punished as it was often misused for spamming.
  • Content Marketing
    Because of the constantly improving Google algorithm and the quick detection of link manipulation, the trend is towards the creation and marketing of website content. The goal is to offer users added value and interesting content that generates backlinks. Pages with relevant content are also recognized by Google and ranked better. In addition, users often link good content on their own.

Important factors

In order for Google to rank a website high, attention must be paid to a natural structure when building links. This includes, for example, setting few but good links in the initial phase of new websites. If too many links are set at once, the operator accepts an abstraction from Google in that the page ends up in the Google sandbox and is therefore no longer indexed for a certain time. It has been shown that websites achieve a better PageRank if backlinks are only placed on the start page at the beginning and subpages are only added later. If a webmaster operates several pages, there is the advantage that the websites can be linked to one another without the need for a special strategy.