What is an underestimated occupation

Information in the field of architecture.

Knowledge and requirements.

Which subjects are suitable?

The professional field of architecture includes various courses of study that are offered in Germany at universities, technical colleges and academies for the fine arts. This includes:

  • architecture
  • Interior design
  • Landscape architecture
  • urban planning

Various artistic and scientific subjects await you within the architecture course:

  • Building materials science
  • Architectural theory
  • Structural analysis
  • Urban development and land-use planning
  • Building physics
  • Building law
  • History of architecture
  • Landscape planning
  • History of architecture and art

However, the bachelor's degree only qualifies in the areas of building and planning - only those who complete a master's degree have the necessary entry requirements for the profession of architect. The job title of an architect is protected in Germany: You can only call yourself an architect once you are on the list of architects in a federal state's chamber of architects.

How important is international experience?

Practical experience abroad is not required for the profession of architect, but your chances on the job market increase in times of increasing global networking if you have already gained experience abroad.

Which soft skills do I need?

The requirements for an architect include a range of personal, social and methodological competencies as well as special business skills that should not be missing in your application. These include:

motivationCommunication skills
individual responsibilityflexibility
Structured and goal-oriented way of working
Analytical skills
Problem-solving skills
Stress resistance
Organizational talent
Time management

How important is practical experience? The successful master’s degree is the first step on the way to entry in the list of the Chamber of Architects and your job as an architect. The special requirements that are additionally required vary from state to state. Most federal states require two years of practical work experience after graduation for registration. This must cover certain areas and be proven to the Chamber of Architects.