What are popular card games in India

The most popular card games in India

Playing online games is one of the in things these days, mostly because of the proliferation of the internet, the lack of time, hectic lifestyle, the incorporation of the social element into gaming, which is in the online gaming business too takes place at an exceptional level. Strategy-based games, role-playing games, board games, war games, shooting games, racing games, sports-based games, flash games are the most common games that you will find addicted to people, but it is the traditional card games that make their way make ahead lately.

There would be differing opinions as to what the best card games available online for Indians are because everyone has a preference for which card game does not enjoy them most, but the truth is that Indians love to play card games, and now this one Love shifting is easy. No, they don't play other games, but the difference is that they play the same old card games online.

Teen Patti: Every time someone talks about gambling in India, teen patti is the name that comes up. This game is also known as Flash (may have been derived from the term Flush) and is similar to some versions of the poker card game. Teen patti originated in India and is now a popular card game across South Asia. In India, teen patti is not allowed to play for real money and there are too few websites offering it for fun.

Poker: Poker is not a very popular card game in India and is primarily a game of the west. In India, people with a western connection know about them and start learning to play poker through some websites and social apps on Facebook.com. Poker is by far the most widely played card game in the world and online poker is a multi-billion dollar industry. Poker by essence is a game of chance and requires a lot of luck, which is one of the main reasons you are not allowed to play for real money in India. Party Gaming is one of the largest poker companies in the world and is known for its famous online poker website Party Poker has sales of around $ 450 million.

29 card game (also called 28): 29 is one of the most popular card games in UP, Bihar, West Bengal and also played a lot in Bangladesh. It is said that 29 was a variant of the Jass games from Europe and brought to India by Dutch dealers. Twenty nine is really exciting and people play it all night and infact battle to play it. 29 is a team game played with 4 players, where two players become partners and the aim of this game is to collect the maximum number of points. The game is played with 32 cards of a single deck of cards, where Jack is the highest card and nine is the second highest card. The trump card is not disclosed at the beginning and hidden by the person who claims to make the highest number of points at the beginning of the game. Jokers are involved in this game.

Rummy: Rummy is one of the most popular card games in India and is played by commuters on trains, friends on weekends and holidays, women in social parties, men in local clubs. The most exciting thing about rummy is that the uniqueness it offers with every game and also the kind of skill you have to use to arrange the cards is just a great mix of skill and wit. In India, Rummy is the only card game that is legal to play for real money and already lacs the user to play rummy online at Games24x7.com for real money. This website offers unlimited number of free rummy games so users are used to getting and the look and feel of the online version. The website also Jhatpat rummy tournaments where users don't have to wager any money and nor can they win real money.

Dehla Pakad (variation of the mantle piece and chokdi): Dehla pakad is another team game where two players form a team and played with a single set of cards. The objective of this game is to make a minimum of seven hands, and to collect more than two 10s in your hands. If a team is able to collect three 10s, they win that particular game even if they make fewer than seven hands. If a team is able to get the four 10s, the opponent is given a coat (also known as feces). Each player thirteen cards dealt in three rounds get five cards dealt in the first round and the first opponent has to declare a trump from those five cards. Thereafter, four cards are dealt to each player in two rounds.

Most of us would have tried our hands on these card games with their friends and family members and most of you would try and find excuses to meet up with friends to play these games but the inability to meet friends for this Playing card games for hours is what takes you to websites that offer card games online. When it comes to playing card games online in India, you wouldn't find online version of 29 Card Game and Dehla-pakad, but you would be good enough to find versions of teen patti, poker and rummy.

You would be surprised to see a fantastic website that offers 13 cards Indian Rummy online where you can play rummy for free as well as rummy for cash. The best part is that you get to invite your friends and family to play rummy with you. A real like table was there, and two players sitting at two ends playing rummy, chatting through the chat feature and having a really good time. What do you need?

Of all the card games for Indians, rummy card is the best choice here because it is the game most Indians know, it can be played with only two players while games like poker, dehla-pakad, 29 etc. must be played at least three or four people to play or make it interesting. When it comes to online arena, rummy also wins the race because website like Games24x7.com offers you free rummy, win free cash as welll like playing rummy for money to play. So if you have an option to play for free and still win real money, why not play rummy which is already a famous game, popular game, fun, exciting and interesting !!