What should Kannadigas know about Karnataka Tamilians

The Sri Lankan government is being forced by pressure from the IMF and World Bank to abolish subsidies for the mainly Sinhalese rice farmers, who were previously guaranteed a minimum price for their income.

At this point, the right-wing extremist organization Sinhala Veera Vidahana, which has joined Sihala Urumaya, secured the support of this now neglected conservative class. Sinhala Veera Vidahana founded a fund to increase the income of the farmers guaranteed price was bought up.

In return, the rice was sold to the state authorities who operate the refugee camps for Tamils ​​displaced due to the war.


The Sri Lankan regime under pressure from the IMF and the World Bank, is forced to scrap subsidies to the largely Sinhala farming community who had upto then being guaranteed a fixed minimum price for the rice they produce.

At this point the extreme right wing organization the SinhalaVeera Vidahana (which is now part of the Sinhala Urumaya) eager to gain the support of this conservative constituancy which now felt completely neglected set up a fund to buy rice from these farmers at a guaranteed price.

The rice was in turn sold (under free market conditions) to state authorities in charge of refugee camps housing Tamils ​​displaced by the war.