Would you recommend mastering a studio recording

"Live In Studio" recording. How do you feel about it?

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your considerations are very correct.
We had thought of something similar with my old band - why not make a "live recording". Costs less time and the song is right (and it really was )
Well, then (after about 3 takes) it started, you immediately noticed that everything was different. The perceived sound was very different and so was the feeling. We then had to listen to it about 1,000,000 times to make up our minds, and after that we wanted to be recorded separately. That then took a lot more time, and certainly had the same effect of fatigue on us, but you had your part more under control and were able to put together your overall package, which was clearly an advantage.
There are a couple of bands that have set up their little studio in the rehearsal room and really rehearse their songs until they vomit (even under studio conditions) - so click, mike and so on. When the song fits perfectly, it can sound really good and in no way inferior to a conventional recording.

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