How did you become confident and open

Time for solidarity
We can and may be confident

We must and may!

Now we have them again - the empty streets, the closed shops, the distance to loved ones and to a lot of things that are important to us. How can you motivate yourself further? How can one continue to be hopeful? The fact is: we have to! As Christians, we cannot now throw our nerves away, but rather it is our job to move forward with a certain calm.

And it is also a fact: we can hope! Caritas director Klaus Schwertner confirms in an interview (please refer: Can we afford this second lockdown?) That people are moving closer together in solidarity right now. He reports on thousands of new volunteers who are currently asking Caritas how they can help. 2,000 volunteers alone are available to pick up the phone at home when someone calls because they are lonely - or simply need someone to talk to. There are also thousands who hand out food parcels, advise those in need, care for those in need - and, above all, take a look.

Because people in trouble often need someone to encourage them to accept help. The fact that many are currently looking very consciously, developing a new perspective for fellow human beings, is encouraging!

And if everything gets too much for me in the meantime, then I like to go to church. In the lockdown, church services take place digitally or on the radio again.

The church doors themselves are open in most parishes. Just go in, pray and recharge your batteries! One becomes more aware than ever that HE is still there. And that's exactly why there will always be hope!
Sincerely you