How will hybrid cars affect Tesla

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If you want to travel from A to B, you usually use a car. Be it your own vehicle, a rental car or a car sharing model, the flexibility of a car is unsurpassed. And since the major automobile manufacturers started to not only build vehicles with internal combustion engines, but also those with electric drives, even those who love the environment get their money's worth more and more when using a car.

In particular, electric cars such as the ID.3 from Volkswagen, the Corsa-e from Opel, the e-tron models from Audi or the range of vehicles from Tesla will play an important role in the mobility of the future. In this context, it will be important that the prices for e-cars will drop significantly in the future. Because electric cars are currently far too expensive for many budgets. It also remains to be seen how technical progress will affect battery technology and the associated range of vehicles.

The inside digital editorial team only reports on cars that have at least one hybrid drive. In other words, vehicles that can at least in part be moved electrically. The future belongs to e-mobility. And inside digital would like to actively shape the future in its reporting.