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ln function, laws and rules

We deal with the ln-function and its laws / rules here. Let's look at this:

  • A Explanationwhat is meant by ln (natural logarithm).
  • Examples and rules for calculating the natural logarithm.
  • Tasks / exercises to practice the area yourself.
  • A Video to the logarithm.
  • A Question and answer area to this topic.

Tip: The natural logarithm - ln for short - is covered here. In order to understand the following content, it helps to know the logarithm basics and Euler's number.

ln-function explanation and rules

A logarithm can have different bases like 2, 4 or 10. For example log28, log410 or log10100. However, the base can also be "e", Euler's number. In memory of:

The natural logarithm is a base e logarithm:

This can be shortened. This is how log becomesex is the short form ln x.

We hang on to:


A natural logarithm function is a function that has the Euler number "e" as its base. The abbreviation for the natural logarithm is ln.

When calculating with ln there are a number of rules / laws that can be used to simplify ln expressions.

We'll look at examples of this in the next section.


Examples in arithmetic laws

Two examples are intended to illustrate the use of the ln rules.

example 1:

What is the result of ln (3 · 4)?


We use the ln rule, which turns a product into a sum. We calculate the ln parts with a pocket calculator.

Example 2:

The following power is to be calculated.


We use the ln rule for powers. With this we transform the equation into a product. We calculate the individual lns with the pocket calculator.

Tasks / exercises ln


Video logarithm / laws

Rules and examples

We'll see this in the next video:

  • What you need the rules for logarithm and natural logarithm for.
  • The four logarithmic laws are calculated.
  • Exercises / examples with numbers.
  • Explanations about the area.

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Questions with answers ln

In this section we look at typical questions and answers about the ln function.

Q: Where is the ln still used?

A: In school, logarithmic and exponential functions are dealt with in the high school in connection with integral and differential calculus. Corresponding laws are explained and the aim is to calculate the slope or the area under the function for such functions.

Q: When is the subject covered in school?

A: The ln function is mostly dealt with in school from the 10th grade onwards. In the course of derivation and integration, the logarithm function is dealt with again in the upper level.

Q: What other topics related to the ln should I watch?

A: Take a look at these topics: