Why do films influence me so much

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    Movies influence me

    Hey guys.
    I am absolutely new here, so I am not sure whether I have hit the right area let alone the right forum with my topic. If not then I'm sorry.

    Lately I have noticed that after a film that has either interested me or I have "admired" various characters within the film, I start to take certain ways of thinking of these characters into my real life.
    Current example: I started watching the Prison Break series. Result: I actually adopt the protagonist's behavior.
    I don't mean that I feel like a prisoner trying to break out of prison, but well, it's hard to say what it is like.

    Let's put it this way, if a character is particularly "cool and hardy" it can happen that for a certain time after I've watched the film / series, I am also cooler and more hardened in real life. Apart from that, films keep changing my inner attitude towards various topics.
    I just wanted to ask if anyone knows what I'm not assuming and of course if it's somehow abnormal.

    By the way, I recently turned 18, maybe age plays a role.

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    Into The Wild and Fight Club are currently enjoying questionable popularity among young dropouts.
    In general, it is often about things that "you" don't dare to do in society, so sometimes the role models are even real sociopaths.
    Most of the time, a certain callousness comes naturally through experience, you just keep seeing how it is, etc.
    If you see the same ******* 100 times, it doesn't matter at some point.
    The phenomenon has been dealt with since Humphrey Bogart.

    I myself also like old noir films.

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    Man has an imagination. A lot has to do with it.
    I had closed my eyes and was wondering "What does a chicken mean?" The second time I saw a chicken briefly in front of me.
    The visual image had come back. Where have I seen chickens before? 2 places where I have been before and seen chickens appeared shortly before my eyes.
    If the architect wants to design a new house, he has the ability to create a picture of what the new house should look like through the imagination.

    It's also related to speaking. The child sees the picture and says what the drawn object is called.
    With puberty, growing up, sexual maturity, speaking develops further.
    This means that the possibility of describing what has already been seen is more extensive. Somehow dreaming is also related to it.

    The only danger is this:
    What is there only in your imaginations and what is really there?

    Does the tree really exist or does it just exist in your imagination?


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    Thank you for your answers

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    Hi Max,

    I'm a little late. Do you still read?

    I read your post and thought, yes, I know that. Had to let it sink in to finally know what I can contribute.

    First of all, yes, I think it also has to do with age. You don't just turn 18 and “suddenly” grow up. What does “being an adult” actually mean? Sure to have to take responsibility for yourself, but are you ready internally? What about the personality? For me, personality development is a thing that takes time. Many factors play a role here. Completely different for everyone.

    I can remember having seen films that “inspired” me. It never lasted long for me. Sleep over it one night and I was who I was again.

    For me it was important to find out that you can "cut off" a little bit wherever you want. But it's not about ultimately becoming someone else. It's about setting your own values ​​and living them.
    You are completely ok the way you are. Only the values ​​shift over time or are first "activated". It takes time.

    When I was single (many years ago) I was invited to a small party. I knew him before. She was a stranger to me. As a couple, I was able to watch them for an evening. They were so extremely respectful of each other. I thought that this is how I want to be able to live a partnership. It influenced me a lot.

    With that I would like to say that wherever you find something good, you can cut your piece off. In other words, if something impresses you in a positive way, you can take poison on the fact that you also carry this in you, otherwise you would not respond to it. Then it is only a matter of activating and living this in you (of course you cannot become a superhero, but you have certain qualities in you, you just need to discover them).

    All Chinese for you or can you understand what I mean?

    Kind regards

    P.S. I've been in a partnership for a good 12 years. The foundation is "respect".
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