Is exhibitionism a crime


What punishment does the law provide for exhibitionism?

Exhibitionistic acts are with Up to one year imprisonment or with Fine fined. The degree of punishment depends on the intensity of the act and the consequences of the crime for the victim.

Since exhibitionistic acts often take place as a result of compulsions, it can often be assumed that there is a risk of relapse and, despite conviction, that the offense of the Exhibitionism according to § 183 StGB is committed. A suspect often cannot stop committing crimes from one day to the next. This is also known to the legislature, so that despite the lack of a positive social prognosis in the case of exhibitionism, a prison sentence can be suspended on probation (Section 183 (3) StGB).


Only by men / not by women!

It is noteworthy that the facts only by men can be realized. Women cannot therefore make themselves liable to prosecution for exhibitionism.


What do you do if you are summoned to the police as a suspect in the case of exhibitionism?

Should you submit a subpoena as a suspect or a Subpoena from the police, immediately contact a criminal lawyer specializing in sexual offenses. You are not obliged to comply with the summons as a suspect. Even if it sounds different on the summons, it is here for you Right to be silent to. A lawyer specializing in sexual criminal law or a lawyer specializing in criminal law can provide you with all the information that is important to you in an initial consultation and, in the event of a mandate, will work out a defense strategy for you. Contact us at our five locations in Lüneburg, Kiel, Hamburg, Lübeck and Hanover!


Exibitionism or Exhibitionism?

The term exhibitionism is often misspelled and referred to as exposureism. In any case, this is the same criminal offense according to § 183 StGB (exhibitionism / exposureism).


Good opportunities in criminal defense!

The crime of exhibitionism often offers a good chance of defense. So there is often a lack of Premeditation of acting, since a suspect did not assume, for example, that he would be seen by third parties. In such a case, there would be no criminal liability Section 183 of the Criminal Code (exhibitionism / not exhibitionism) because the intent is missing.

Either way, the accused alone is often uncomfortable. Before attorney Dr. You don't have to be embarrassed by Hennig and his team. You will become an H / T defense attorney - guilty or innocent - defend energetically and without prejudice. Often, a written application can be used to terminate the proceedings without a main hearing. The locations of our law firm are in Lüneburg, Hamburg, Hanover, Lübeck and Kiel

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