Why should we use ClickBank

How do I make money with the ClickBank Affiliate Program?

If you search the internet for ways to make money online from your websites and blogs, you will end up with hundreds of opportunities. Some of them may be legitimate, but most of them will just be scams. Here on Bloggers Passion, I'm only going to point out ways that actually helped me make money or I'm confident that they will help my blog readers make money from their websites.

Today's post is about how to use the ClickBank Affiliate Program to make money on your websites and blogs (free as well as self-hosted blogs). I have had some success selling ClickBank products from my blogs. First, let me introduce you to some basic things related to this article.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

With this type of marketing, we sell other people's products and receive commissions for every sale generated through our affiliate link. For example, let's say I am promoting an SEO guide through my blog and the cost of that guide is $ 50. The seller pays a commission of 50% to his affiliated companies. For every sale of this guide through my affiliate link, I make $ 25.

What is ClickBank?

It's a retail market for selling digital products. They have thousands of e-books available in different categories.

Some of the most popular categories out there are Arts & Entertainment, Business / Investing, Computer / Internet, Cooking / Dining, Games, Health & Fitness, Parenting, Politics and Software & Services, etc. Most e-books focus on fixing Problems particular problem like how to walk your dog, how to lose weight, how to fix your Xbox, etc.

Ways To Make Money With ClickBank

Table of Contents

  • What is Affiliate Marketing?
  • What is ClickBank?
  • Ways To Make Money With ClickBank
    • Register as a partner at ClickBank
    • Things to be aware of as a partner
    • How to create HopLinks
  • How to Promote ClickBank Based Websites
    • 1. Paid advertising
    • 2. Article Marketing
    • 3. Guest Posts
    • 4. Social bookmarking submissions
    • 5. Social media websites
    • 6. Make some blog comments
    • 7. Discussion forums
    • Keep track of your ClickBank affiliate earnings
  • FAQs about making money with ClickBank
    • What is your experience with the Clickbank Affiliate Program?

There are two ways you can make money with ClickBank. First, you can create your own products and sell them through their marketplace. You need to create a vendor account to list your product on the marketplace. The vendor account allows you to set your product prices and how much you are willing to pay the partner to sell your product copies. In this case, your team will handle most of the technical challenges. Assuming your product is sold through a partner, Clickbank will automatically credit the specified amount to the respective partner account and the rest will be credited to your account.

The second way is to advertise as a partner for products that are listed on the market. There could be many reasons why you chose the second option, such as: For example, if you don't have the expertise to create a killer e-book, or if you don't have the time or resources to manage everything at the provider level. It is better to go for an affiliate option in order to generate income with ClickBank. To begin the ClickBank Affiliate Program as an affiliate, you must sign up for an affiliate account with them.

Register as a partner at ClickBank

Go to the Clickbank.com website and create an affiliate link by clicking the "Sign Up" link displayed in the "Affiliate" section. Fill in all the required information and hit the Submit button. Once you have approved your affiliate account, you are eligible for their affiliate program.

Things to be aware of as a partner

You must have at least one website or blog in order to generate adequate income from your affiliate program. If you don't already have a blog, blog today about the topics that interest you most and are best knowledgeable about.

Once a blog is up and running in active mode, go to its marketplace and select a few products that match your blog content. Assuming I wanted to sell ClickBank products on Bloggers Passion, then I would be primarily looking for products related to SEO, blogging, and WordPress. Our chances of success with products that do not fit our blog topic are very rare.

Hence, we should select products from their marketplace that fit our blog niche. The steps I mention in this guide apply to standalone websites, blogs, discussion boards, hub pages, free blogger blogs (Blogspot), WordPress based blogs, etc.

In addition to matching product relevance, there are a few key factors to consider when choosing a product to promote on your website and blog. Some statistics are mentioned for each ClickBank product. Let me explain these to you:

Initial $ / Sale: This is the average amount you will make for selling a product.

Average $ / Sale: This is the average percentage that you get a product in Run your Sell ‚Äč‚Äčlife.

Average rebill total: This only applies to products for which the provider charges its customers a recurring amount. Recurring payment systems are generally used on membership and subscription based websites. So this is the amount you will earn on products that will be re-billed.

Average% / billing: This in turn applies to products where recurring Fees apply . So this is the average percentage you'll only get for newly billed products.

Grav: The Gravity gives numbers related to product popularity in the market. High gravity products are the ones that get the most advertised and are where affiliates make a lot of money. However, higher gravity means a lot of competition for this keyword.

Therefore, I would recommend that you only select these products:

  • That is related to your website / blog niche
  • You will end up making at least $ 20 per sale
  • Only use products with gravity in the range of 50 to 120
  • Opt for products with a commission of at least 50%. Some products are available on the Clickbank marketplace that even give you a 75% commission
  • Now is the time to take a look at the product websites that you want to promote. If you are not happy with the landing pages, it can be difficult to convince your website readers to buy these products. You should go for products with well-written sales copies and be sure that they will help your website readers solve the problems they are looking for solutions to on your website.

So you should only opt for products that meet the common criteria mentioned above. Believe me, there are many products in this range on the ClickBank marketplace and in your website categories.

How to create HopLinks

At this point, you have decided which products to sell through your online real estate. Now it's time to add affiliate links for different products that you want to sell. To do this, you need to create HopLinks for each product and include them in related articles and prominent positions on your website. To create a hop link for a product, click the button as shown below Apply " and enter your nickname in the next available window. Now copy your affiliate link and you can add this link to your website.

Google doesn't love websites with thin content partners. So, you should make sure that you are adding quality content to your website. Other than that, you should use the nofollow attribute and the little urls etc to hide your affiliate links. Once you've added affiliate links and banners to your websites and blogs, it is time to start looking for ways to get lots of targeted traffic to your websites so that you can make good sales with Clickbank products as an affiliate.

How to Promote ClickBank Based Websites

If you've built websites dedicated to Clickbank products, make sure you're using SEO-optimized titles, URLs, and content on your web pages. Once you've added some articles in the form of reviews and features about the product you are promoting, it is time to start looking for ways to get traffic to these websites.

You should be writing content on your website that will give your website readers some sold reasons to buy these products. That being said, links and banners should be easily accessible for your website readers to use to purchase products of their choice.

If there are some offers, testimonials, reviews, or money-back guarantees (which are available on most ClickBank products) available for the product you are selling, please state this on the copy of the product content on your website.

Here I am sharing some methods that you can use to promote regular and affiliated websites (ClickBank, Amazon, LinkShare, etc.) and blogs:

1. Paid advertising

If you're on a budget, you can try Google Adwords pay-per-click programs to drive traffic to your affiliate websites. However, the negative side of this advertising method is that if you are able to generate enough sales from the products that you sell through your website, you may lose some money.

I would recommend trying paid advertising methods when you have some numbers on hand, such as: B. How many hops do you need to make a sale. And how many clicks on your website generate a single hop. So you have to do all the calculations around the ROI. If you believe that paid advertising will help you get more sales. Do it. But at least initially, I would recommend using free traffic generation methods that I share below.

2. Article Marketing

Article marketing is such a powerful technique for driving targeted traffic to a website that many internet marketers only use it. To get the most out of article marketing, we should write some interesting articles about the partner products we sell through our website.

I would recommend writing at least 15 to 20 articles for each product that you plan to sell through your ClickBank-based websites. Once you have some articles ready, post them on the top 10 article publishing sites.

You should write your articles in such a way that they actually click on your website's links available in the article content and "Author Bio" section. People won't visit your website if they don't find your articles interesting. You should include SEO optimized anchors to access your website from article publishing websites.

With SEO-optimized backlinks, your website will rank well in search engines for terms that match your products. Aside from the traffic you get from search engines, you will get some referral traffic as some users visit these article websites and visit your website to learn more details about the product you are promoting.

Most article websites do not allow affiliate links. Hence, you should only include links for your website related pages on ezine publishing websites.

3. Guest Posts

Write an engaging guest post on the products or topics related to your products and post them on top blogs that match your product niche. If your targeted products are SEO related, consider visiting blogs like Bloggers Passion to submit your guest post.

You should refer to the product pages of your website with the corresponding anchor texts in your guest posts. Most blog owners allow you to include a link or two in your guest post or authoring area.

4. Social bookmarking submissions

You should submit some interesting pages from your ClickBank based websites to top social bookmarking websites. Some of the most popular social bookmarking websites to submit your website and article pages to are Digg.com, Delicious.com, Reddit.com, Google Buzz, HumSurfer.com, etc.

5. Social media websites

Spread words about the product you are selling on popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google +1, etc. Create a strong fan page on Facebook and use it to drive additional traffic to specific pages on your website.

6. Make some blog comments

Make a list of some blogs in your niche that match your product categories and post comments on them with a link to your website. Commenting on blogs will give you the targeted traffic to your website and extra links you need to get your website on the top 10 list of Google and other search engines for their targeted terms.

7. Discussion forums

Find discussion forums that fit your website niche and share your knowledge by answering the thread you know best about. Please do not spam discussion forums with links to self-promotion. Most discussion forums allow you to add a few links in the signature sections.

Keep track of your ClickBank affiliate earnings

After all of that hard work, it's time to review your earnings. You should check how much money you can actually make from your websites and blogs even though you sell affiliate products on a weekly basis. You should keep an eye on the number of hops you can get for different products and look for ways to maximize them. I've had some success myself selling 4-5 Clickbank products. When I was at Clickbank, I was making $ 100 plus dollars a month. I have never tried too hard to promote Clickbank products. But I have seen that many internet marketers and bloggers make a living just selling Clickbank products.

FAQs about making money with ClickBank

Here are some frequently asked questions about the ClickBank Affiliate Program.

1. Is ClickBank Safe to Use?

Most beginners think that there are many scams involved in making money online. So there is nothing wrong with viewing ClickBank as a scam since so much money is being made every day.

Fortunately, affiliate marketing is a legitimate way to make residual income online, and ClickBank is recognized as one of the leading internet retailers selling both physical and digital products. So it is completely safe to use and you will make money developing or promoting the right products for your target audience.

2. What percentage does ClickBank take if I make a successful affiliate sale?

That's a good question. Every time you make a successful affiliate sale through ClickBank, the product is purchased from you at wholesale price (for standard products, the percentage is 92.5% of the approved retail price, which is less than $ 1).

For every sale, ClickBank keeps 7.5% plus $ 1.

For a $ 100 product, ClickBank will buy it for $ 91.50 (92.5% of $ 100, minus $ 1).

For recurring product subscriptions only (when the price is $ 40 or less), ClickBank will charge you the subscription at a wholesale price of 90.1% of the retail price.

Let me use a simple example to demonstrate this so you can better understand what percentage or money ClickBank is taking from you.

Let's say your product costs $ 100. ClickBank will buy the product from you for $ 91.50 (92.5% of $ 100, minus $ 1).

Now, if you offer a commission of 50% for every successful sale that your promoters have made for partner products, you should pay 50% of the commission to the referring partner. That means that for every successful sale you pay $ 45.75. So you will earn $ 45.75 on the sale of each transaction.

3. How can you make money with ClickBank without having a website?

In all fairness, you don't necessarily need a website to make money from ClickBank or any similar retail platform.Here is a simple step-by-step method that works like a charm to make more money on every product sale.

  • Find an offer to promote.
  • Increase the traffic to your products.
  • Try to capture as many leads as you can.
  • Let your leads or subscribers know about the products you are promoting.
  • Track clicks, conversions and make a profit.

If you noticed the above, we didn't mention a website anywhere. If you can't run a website, you can drive traffic to your product offerings from social media websites or YouTube videos or Instagram or something else.

All you need is a tracking link (affiliate referral link) for every product you want to promote. As simple as that.

4. How can you get more sales with ClickBank?

Here are some quick tips to help you make more money with ClickBank.

  • Choose a profitable niche: Evergreen niches like weight loss, fashion, and marketing always work like a charm to make more money with ClickBank. Just make sure to promote the products with high success rates to earn more.
  • Find great keywords: Regardless of whether you run a website or a YouTube channel, keyword research is an important part of driving more sales with ClickBank. Choose your keywords carefully by analyzing your competition.
  • Long form of content is key: If you run a niche website or an authority website promoting affiliate products for the sake of making more money, just make sure to write 2000+ words of in-depth articles instead of an average of 500 word posts to rank well in Search engines like google.

5. What are the best high paying alternatives to ClickBank?

There are so many ClickBank alternatives for affiliate marketing out there. Here is a list of some of the best ClickBank alternatives.

  • Commission Junction
  • Amazon
  • Ebay
  • ShareASale
  • JVZoo
  • PeerFly

Here is a list of the best affiliate programs to advertise for getting more money in 2020 and beyond.

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What is your experience with the Clickbank Affiliate Program?

What is your experience with Clickbank and what killing techniques do you use to generate sales for your products? Please share your success stories in the comments section below so that other members in the blogosphere can help and motivate you too.