What are some fun philosophical questions

Funny joke questions

If you ask questions, you usually want to get to the bottom of something. However, are Joke questions "Funny" puzzles that cannot really be solved. Rather, the answer is intended to amuse, astonish, poke or make fun of the respondent.
No matter whether at a party or a meeting with good friends. If alcohol-based beverages make you feel relaxed, then this is the right time for a couple funny questions came. Some are apparently complicated but also not to be taken very seriously. In any case, the answers give sufficient cause for a slight smile or for loud laughter.

Joke questions

What do you call a man who throws money out the window? - A headlight!

"What is about 5 cm long, green with yellow dots and quite hairy?" - "No idea!" - "I don't know either, but it's crawling up your back!"

What is 12cm long and what makes women fat? - Duplo, what else?

What's this? It has two wings and cannot fly; walking seems to suit her more. - The nose!

What is electricity? Getting up in the morning with high voltage, going to work with resistance, swimming against the current all day, coming home charged, grabbing the can and then getting a wipe.

Why can't an excavator swim? - He only has one arm.
Do you think the joke is funny? The excavator driver doesn't.

What did the builder of the Leaning Tower of Pisa say before construction began? - "It will work out!"

What gets shorter the longer you pull on it? - A cigarette!

Why don't German ski racers wear a glove on their right hand during the run? - So that they can congratulate the Austrians more quickly on their victory.

Why does the Pope always kiss the ground when he gets off the plane? Probably never flown with Alitalia!

What do mothers-in-law and rain clouds have in common? - If they go away, it'll be a fine day.

What does the physicist call his children? - Kelvin, Hector and Pascal.

What do a suicide and a politician have in common? - They don't know anything afterwards!

How do you castrate a refrigerator? - Open the door, get the eggs out, close the door!

What is 160 mm long, the men mostly wear it in their pants and the women like it? - A 500 euro note!

What swims in a lake and starts with Z? - Two ducks.

What is the favorite game of sea monsters? - Ships — sink.

How much is 7 × 7? - Fine sand.

What do the three musketeers and a harem have in common? - One for all and all for one.

Why are Turks the nicest people in the world? - The three of them always come and ask: "Do you have a problem?"

What is in the desert, is 20 m long and is white? - A white thread! - What is in the desert, is also 20 m long and is black? - A black thread! - Not correct! That is the shadow of the white thread!

What do you call a boomerang that won't come back? - Floor.

What is the difference between diapers and politicians? - There is no! You have to change both regularly ... for the same reason.

Why don't mothers-in-law go to heaven? - Because kites cannot fly higher than two hundred meters.

"What was on December 6th, 1534?" - "No idea!" - "St. Nicholas Day!"

What is a cross between an earthworm and a hedgehog? - Barbed Wire!

What's the difference between you and me - The first letter!

What is the name of sunset in Finnish? Hellsinki.

What is green, small and triangular? - A green little triangle.

What does a husky have in common with the Colombian cartel? Both love snow.

What does a vegetarian say who calls his family to the table? - "Children, the food is wilting."

Do you already know the latest elevator joke? - Neither do I, I took the stairs.

"Why do elephants have red eyes?" - "No idea!" - "So that they can hide better in the cherry tree!" - “I've never seen an elephant on a cherry tree!” - "Do you see! They can hide so well! "

How do you tell which end of the head is on an earthworm? - You can see which side is grinning.

Rhenish god with a letter? - Jott!

What is the difference between a corset and a tractor? - There is no! Both hinder traffic.

If a German walks around the corner, what's missing? - The joke.
Is a Pole going around the corner, what's missing? - The corner.

Funny questions

What is the difference between an intelligent woman and a Yeti? - The yeti has been seen before.

Why do birds fly south in winter? - Because it's too far to go.

What is green, has four corners and if it falls from the tree are you dead? - pool table.

What does the day begin with and what does the night end? - Quite simply with a 'T'!

What's green and running through the forest? - A bunch of cucumbers.
What is transparent and what is behind? - The pickle jar.
What's wrong with that? - Cucumbers are not pack animals.

What is red and bad for your teeth? - A brick.

What is green and when you press the button it turns red? - Frog in the blender.

What is green and if you press the button, it stays green? - Frog in the mixer running for his life.

What is the smallest farm in the world? - A police car! The cops sit in the front and the poor pigs in the back.

How many cockroaches does it take to change a lightbulb? - You don't know. Whenever the lights come on, they all run away!

What do the Bild-Zeitung and Britney Spears have in common? - Both claim they are innocent and lie like printed!

What is a radical student? - One who makes everything but not a living.

Who is the patron saint of the forgetful? - things.

How do you castrate a refrigerator? - Open the door, get the eggs out, close the door.

Why do the players of TSV 1860 Munich always drive the red light? - So that they at least get points in Flensburg.

What's this? Arnold Schwarzenegger has a long. Michael J. Fox has a short one. Madonna doesn't have any and the Pope doesn't use his. Answer: the surname!

How do hedgehogs reproduce? - Very, very carefully.

What gets wet when drying? The towel

How can a man work 8 days in a row without sleeping? - No problem. He sleeps at night.

What is between the sea and the land? "And"

What is the first thing the gardener puts in his vegetable garden? - His foot

A man can accurately predict the score before every soccer game. How does he do that? - Very easy, because the score is always 0: 0 before every game.

How can you walk on water? - You wait until it gets really cold in winter.

When an airplane crashes right on the border between France and Germany, where do you bury the bereaved. - You don't bury your bereaved!

What is the beginning of all vice? - The bumper

Who has feathers but no wings? - Your pillow.

Why is it illegal to bury a man who lives in Cologne in Dortmund? - You don't bury the living!

In which glasses should one not pour wine? - In full glasses, of course!

When is it easiest for a woman to lose weight? - When the cell phone rings.

Who leads a grueling life? - The eraser.

What do cats love as much as swimmers? - The scratching

Which customers are not served? -The second

Which lion is good at swimming? - The sea lion

Which tree doesn't need roots? - The somersault.

Which vegetables tell the best jokes? - The chickpeas.

What brand of handkerchiefs will a civil servant never use? - pace.

Who eats a lot of iron without feeling sick? - The rust.

What is the difference between a burglar and a doctor? - The burglar knows what's wrong with you.

What is the Italian term for pressure cooker? - Garibaldi!

Which animal has only one leg? - Half a chicken.

What do you call a cowboy without a horse? - Articulated lorries.

Who is Kevin? - A diagnosis.

What is the purpose of the Bundeswehr? - Slow down the enemy until there is a real army.

If a ship has only female crew members, is it unmanned?

What does sunset mean in Finnish? - Helsinki.
What does cowshed mean in Arabic? - Mubarak.
What's Geigenkasten in Spanish? - Fidel Castro.
What's Viehdiebstahl in English? - Oxford.

What is the name of the resident of a palace? - Palestinians!

Why is the math book so sad? - Because it has too many problems.

What is green and meows? A cat in a frog costume!

What is the oldest solar watch? - The sundial.

Question: What does a 1.90 meter tall butcher weigh? Answer: steaks & sausages.

If Stiftung Warentest tests vibrators, is 'satisfactory' better than 'good'?

How should the farmer behave when his wife says: 'See that you win land !!'

Is it worth it for mayflies to start a diary in the morning?

Why is monosyllabic three syllable?

Why is there no other word for synonym?

Who had the idea to put an S in the word "lispeln"?

Do you break the sea level when you set sail?

Can parents who have fallen out with their daughter ever come to terms with her?

Are you allowed to laugh in a wine cellar?

Can you also write cubes or pyramids with a ballpoint pen?

If you choke a Smurf, what color does it tarnish?

Do bakers suffer from the pain of parting when they have to let a yeast dough rise every morning?

Can bald people also have a lucky streak?

Is there coffee break in a tea factory?

Is it questionable if a Goethe monument shimmers through the trees in the park?

What is a Lüneburg resident who has left the church? - A Lüneburg Heath!

What does a hunter do when he sees a snake? - He's in line at the back.

What does kcat kcit do? - A clock in reverse!