What do people who are happy do

The Science of Happiness - These 5 Things Happy People Do

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To be happy and enjoy the state of joy can only be achieved through an inner change. In an old and successfully confirmed study from 1978 - developed by Northwester University in the United States - it was found that happiness is unrelated to external events.

This study looked at two test groups - one with lottery winners and one with victims of serious accidents. The test groups were asked how much they enjoyed everyday activities. The results showed that the lottery winners generally had less fun and were generally less happy than the accident victims.

Our pursuit of more money or promotions So it turns out to be objectively wrong if the final plan is to revolve around being happy. So how do we find this happiness? It's best to take a closer look at the things that happy people do and then learn from their experiences. Here are some tips for being happy:

To take time

Meditation is the direct way to find inner peace, to talk to yourself and to let joy into everyday life. In this state of wellbeing, you can find solutions and tips to feel complete and balanced in the world, and this only works if you feel comfortable in your own skin. Meditation requires practice, so take a few minutes a day to exercise your brain.

Be grateful

Every day we have small encounters, experience small moments, do not receive tips that could be extremely significant, but unfortunately these are often buried under all the many events that require our attention in these fast-moving times. If you don't have time to do those small, nifty things, try again later that day or when you have some quiet time to yourself.

This includes

Feeling of belonging is probably one of the most satisfying human experiences. That's why we're looking for like-minded people. When you find people in one place with the same interests, such as practicing yoga, training or swimming, you immediately feel the connection between what moves us all. Of course, there are other places and activities where you can share this feeling of being part of a community with others.


Joy may only be part of being happy, but it is a big part. When you finish your workout, have sweated a lot, and are feeling physically tired, the brain will give you a reward. The release of endorphins creates that moment of happiness that leads many people to become addicted to running, or exercise in general. For this reason, after a workout you basically have this consistent expectation that you will be rewarded - and your body and your health will thank you for it.


You acquire habits because you want to feel a sense of security and certainty in everyday life. This provides a sense of comfort and is what many associate with happiness and contentment. Another kind of happiness, coupled with thrill and enthusiasm, shows up exactly when we break this routine. So we always stay happy - by experimenting and discovering and enjoying new things.