How can I sell more Zazzle products?

How to Sell Your Own Designs on the Internet

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Pretty much anything can be sold on the internet these days. Whether on Amazon or eBay, the possibilities are there and it has never been that easy. However, these are mostly standard products that lack the charm and personal touch of the local corner shop.

However, there are providers who fill this niche and sell more individual products. A previous experto article shows you how to sell homemade things on the internet. In addition to selling handicrafts you have created yourself, there is another fantastic opportunity to earn money with your talent: Selling designs on the Internet!

Find a free shop for designs

The only thing you need to start a shop is a good idea for a product design. The design is then linked to available products from a wide variety of areas, from business cards and mouse pads to clothing to skateboards and iPhone cases. The end product is then produced by the provider and you earn money from the design.

Production, sales and advertising are completely taken over, so that you can concentrate on the creative part. Here is a small selection of available providers:

  • The online marketplace Zazzle offers personalized products from a wide variety of areas. According to their own account, Zazzle sellers serve 25 million customers worldwide every month. Setting up the shop is free and easy. A well-functioning design tool enables 3-D views so that you can get a good idea of ​​what the final product will look like in reality.
  • The shop provider? Afepress has a similarly large variety of products. The only disadvantage: the translation of the page from English leaves a lot to be desired in many places, so that the provider can only be recommended for people who are able to speak the language. For everyone else, Zazzle is arguably a better alternative.
  • The Spreadshirt service is ideal for those who mainly want to create t-shirts, sweaters and accessories. Here, too, you can open a free shop where you can offer designs that you have created yourself.

Additional tip: Most providers offer you the option of customizing your shop. Try to design it creatively and to match the product. Make it clear to the customer at first glance what type of designer you are and why they should buy from you. Another way to attract visitors to the shop is to integrate it into your own website via iframe.

How Much Money Can I Make Selling Designs?

Setting up your own shop as a sales platform, as well as designing and placing products, is completely free of charge. The seller's proceeds are already included in the "blank products" so that there are no additional costs for the seller. This means that you will not face any investment risk when selling.

All standard products already have a fixed price. As an example, assume that the plain white T-shirt costs 11.65 euros. As a seller, you add your desired license fee for the design to this price. The fee set by us also represents the net profit. If, for example, a license fee of 30% is chosen for a T-shirt, a profit of 3.50 euros remains.

My advice: Try different prices and do some research in other stores. Offer two similar products with different license fees and compare the demand. If you've come up with a good design, it should be rewarded accordingly. So don't be shy when setting prices.

PS: Quality management is important to us!

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