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Before installing the electricity, water and gas connections, you must provide a document that confirms that you own the property and that you have the right to make changes to it.

You will receive the document from the previous owner when purchasing the property. If he asks a fee for this, politely decline it, as the document is not chargeable.

Electricity in Turkey

When you have received the document, contact the local distribution company TEDAŞ (a state monopoly). This supplies Turkey with electricity. If you want to purchase electricity, you have to specify the amount of kilowatts that you will consume. As soon as the ordered quantity is reached, TEDAŞ switches off the electricity. Therefore, calculate rather generously when ordering (15 Kw should cover the monthly consumption of a medium-sized house well).

TEDAŞ also acts mercilessly in the event of payment delays. Unless you want to be suddenly disconnected from the power grid, you should therefore pay your bills on time.

Sudden power cuts are still very common in Turkey. Have a generator ready for such cases. You should also provide your devices with overvoltage protection.

Turkish sockets have a capacity of 220 volts.


Ankara and Istanbul are supplied by the gas providers İGDAŞ and EGO. In the rest of the country, you will need to buy your gas in cylinders from local vendors.

In larger blocks, the owners often buy the bottled gas themselves, which they then feed into the local pipe system. In such cases, your consumption is read from a meter reading. The costs incurred then correspond to your own consumption.


The national company ISKI. supplies all communities with water. The tap water in Turkey is filtered and chlorinated and therefore drinkable.

Water interruptions are not uncommon in Turkey (especially in the overcrowded tourist areas). If necessary, your property is therefore equipped with its own water tank, which can be filled with bottles or a tank truck.

In rural areas, the wastewater is treated in a septic tank. If you are unlucky and need to replace a defective sewage tank, you will need a permit from the local community. To be on the safe side, have an appraiser or plumber inspect the tank before purchasing the property.

Pay bills in Turkey

Utility bills can be paid in their offices, at banks, by wire transfer or by direct debit.

Beware of supposed agents who come to your home on behalf of the utility company and ask you to pay your bill at the doorstep. These are definitely scammers! Bills in Turkey are never paid this way.

Housekeeping in Turkey

Household help is very easy and inexpensive to get in Turkey. You can choose between full-time and part-time domestic help. In the long term, full-time domestic help offers more bang for your buck.

Domestic help is paid according to daily rates, not hourly rates. Ideally, you negotiate a monthly salary. Ask your friends and neighbors if they can recommend someone to you. You should get to know the person you hire as domestic help well. If you are looking for someone through newspaper or online listings, be sure to check out the person who then lets them into your house on a daily basis.

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