What should I be happy for?

Questions about verbs with a preposition

Questions about verbs with a preposition - colloquial

As with verbs without a preposition, you can ask for the prepositional addition. As with questions about an accusative or dative addition, a distinction is made between "things" and "people":

Example: Verb without a preposition
I see the man. - personWhom do you see?
I see a tree. - ThingWhat do you see?

Example: verb with preposition
I am waiting for the man. - personOn whom are you waiting?
I am waiting for the bus. - ThingOn what are you waiting?

However, the questions with the preposition + apply What (Example: on what?) as colloquial.

Questions about verbs with a preposition - in standard language

These questions are in the standard language with Where- plus preposition formed.

Example: I am waiting on the bus.
colloquial: On what are you waiting?
standard language: On what are you waiting?

Note: If the preposition starts with a vowel, will -R- between Where- and the preposition added.

Example: wo- + - (r) - + preposition
where- + preposition -> where-from -> from what
wo- + - (r) - + preposition -> wo-r-auf -> what

Overview: questions with where + preposition

on: what?
before: what?
take care of: what?
interested in: what for?
about: about what
from: from what?
under: under what?
to: what for?
to: what?
after: after what?
in: in what?
against: against what?

wait for: what are you waiting for?
warn of: what are you afraid of?
take care of: What should I take care of?
are interested in: What are you interested in?
happy about: What are you most happy about?
tell about: What did she tell you about?
suffer from: What is she suffering from?
invite to: What did he invite you to do?
remember: what does this remind you of?
ask about: What were you looking for?
consist in: What is the difference between the dative and the accusative?
help against: What is this drug supposed to help against?

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