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To start your affiliate marketing business, there are several options that we would like to introduce to you in this article. We have been using affiliate partnerships ourselves for several years to earn money online. Therefore, we have now gathered a lot of experience that we are happy to share with you.

To get started with affiliate marketing, you first need Range. Because as long as only grandma, grandpa and a few friends know you, you won't really be able to earn money with referrals. So, first and foremost, you need a website or social media channel that you can use to reach a lot of people.

But first we would like to start with what is meant by affiliate marketing.

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing refers to recommendations for services or products that you pass on to your target group. So, for example, if you have a website or social media channel about cooking, you can send your favorite cookbook or cutting fair to your target group recommend.

You create so-called affiliate links for the products, which contain a tracking ID. This special link enables the owner of the product to understand that a purchase was made based on your recommendation. And for this you will then receive a previously agreed one commission. The product no longer costs the buyer. As a thank you for your recommendation, you will only receive a piece of the cake and will participate in the profit of the sale.

So affiliate marketing offers one Win-win situation for the product seller and for you. Because without your recommendation, the sale would probably not have taken place. And of course you also benefit from the commission achieved. Often times, affiliate marketing is about physical as well as digital products. But the recommendation of services is also an important part of affiliate marketing.

How can I get started with affiliate marketing?

In order to start with affiliate marketing, you first have to register with the relevant affiliate platforms or with the seller yourself. Usually affiliate programs come with one canditature connected. For this purpose, the platforms and sellers usually offer an online form in which you register.

To be interesting as an affiliate partner, you need one channelthrough which you can reach your target group. This can be, for example, a website or a social media channel such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook or Twitter. Of course, several channels are also possible and the more channels you can offer, the better this is usually for your affiliate application.

When applying, you also need your contact details as well as the details of your company. Because you usually need a business to start affiliate marketing. The seller will then look at your application and assess whether it is worth entering into an affiliate partnership with you.

However, not all sellers have a formal process that you must follow in order to start affiliate marketing with them. Often times you will simply be asked to give the seller a e-mail Write a brief description of how you would like to recommend the product or service.

We ourselves also offer this informal affiliate process. For our products Goodbye 9 to 5 - earn money regardless of location and our Bali Lombok travel guide you can immediately participate in our affiliate partner program.


Here you can see an example of the German-language registration form from Zanox and Awin.

By the way, we can do that too displayStone Age Affiliate Marketing Strategy recommend by Ralf Schmitz. Here you will get a step-by-step explanation of exactly how to proceed and5000 euros or more per month merit.

What platforms are there for affiliate marketing?

The most famous platforms for affiliate marketing are Amazon, Awin and Zanox. However, Zanox is now part of Awin, so that the affiliate market is mainly focused on the two big players Amazon and Awin.

At Amazon, you can recommend all products that are offered for sale on the platform. At Awin you have to look which companies offer their affiliate programs here and apply separately for the individual affiliate programs of the companies. In addition, there are also some companies that have Belboon and SendOwl offer an affiliate program.

In addition, is also Digistore24 has become a popular affiliate platform. This platform offers automated sales solutions that are already used by over 100,000 companies. Via Digistore24 you can sell your digital products and services and also offer an affiliate option here. By the way, we have been using Digistore24 for several years and are very satisfied. If you are interested in further information, please also read our report on our personal Digistore24 experience.

These links take you directly to the login pages of the affiliate platforms, where you can register:

What is the commission that you can earn?

The commission that you can earn through affiliate marketing differs from seller to seller or from platform to platform. However, you are always informed in advance how high your commission will be in the event of a sale. The commission is determined by the respective company. At Amazon, the amount of the commission differs depending on the category (electronics, drugstore items, clothing, etc.).

The commission is usually given as a percentage. Commissions are common between 1 percent and 15 percent. Especially with digital products that are offered via Digistore24 or SendOwl, for example, you can also earn significantly higher commissions. Here you will often receive 40 to 70 percent of the sales price as a commission.

What are the pros and cons of starting affiliate marketing?

As with any business model, there are some advantages and disadvantages to affiliate marketing that you should weigh up. We have summarized the most important advantages and disadvantages from our experience in the following table.

Starting Affiliate Marketing - 10 Ways to Success

If you are now interested in starting your own affiliate business, you will find 10 ways below that will help you here. We have already tried and implemented all 10 recommendations ourselves, so that we can speak from our own experience.

No. 1: Find a suitable niche topic

To start with affiliate marketing, you should first look for a niche topic. At least if you are starting from scratch and have not yet set up a website or a larger social media channel. Because the market is now well filled and in large subject areas such as sport, nutrition or travel you will have a hard time without a niche topic.

Therefore you should small gaps in the market looking for that you can fill. The more specific you get at this, the better it is often to begin with. Even if you don't draw the attention of thousands of people straight away with a niche topic. Sometimes it is worth more if you can inspire a few hundred really interested users than if many thousands only half-heartedly follow your website or your social media channel.

To do this, you should of course first find a topic that interests you. Because, as a rule, you will not be interested in a topic that you are not even interested in appear authentic and credible can. And that is exactly an important aspect of success in affiliate marketing.

Find niche topic on google

To see what niche topics there might be for you, Google is a good helper. Let's assume that you are interested in volleyball. However, a website on volleyball in general will find it difficult to gain a foothold in the market because it already does a lot of established content on the net gives.

To get ideas that will niche you on volleyball, you can use the Google auto-complete use. Simply enter the word volleyball in the Google search and do not press search or enter. This will show you the 10 most searched terms that Google users search for volleyball. On the following picture you can see which results were shown to us:

Maybe there is already a good niche for you here. For example, you could initially only concentrate on the topic of volleyball rules and write everything that the topic has to offer. You can also use a matching keyword domain such as volleyballregel.de or volleyball-regel.org.

And so it becomes money for you

You can first use this niche to generate reach and ensure that users become aware of you. When you have discussed all volleyball rules in detail, you can then start to broaden and, for example, write a contribution to the best volleyball shoes. This is where affiliate marketing comes into play. Because here you can recommend and in your opinion the best volleyball shoes Make money with affiliate links.

If the Google search does not yet offer you a suitable niche topic, you can enter the various letters of the alphabet after the word volleyball. So start with "Volleyball A" and see which completions are shown to you. Then go on to “Volleyball B” and so on.

By the way, we'll show you more ideas on how to find a niche topic in our e-book Goodbye 9 to 5 - earn money regardless of location. Here you can also find out how to find out whether your niche topic has enough potential to make you money in the long term.

# 2: Build a website

In our experience, the best way to start your affiliate marketing is to build your own website. Because on a website you can e.g. search engine optimized texts a lot of range achieve. Compared to social media channels, you are also the operator of a website and thus hold the reins in your own hands.

In order to build a website with which you remain flexible in the long term and can take advantage of all the possibilities of online marketing, we recommend you WordPress. On your own website, you should first ensure a lot of good content. Write detailed and informative about your topic and make sure that your website is easy to find on Google.

To create good content, you should always think about how you offer the reader added value. What problem or question can you help the reader with with your contribution? What tips can you give readers who can help them out? And how can you possibly differentiate yourself from the already existing content?

Search engine optimization (SEO)

If you want to be successful in the long term, you should also strive to be easy to find on search engines. In order to be displayed in the top places on Google and Co., you should sign up with Search engine optimization employ. If possible, write your contributions immediately with search engine optimization, so that they get good rankings in the search engines as quickly as possible.

Always remember: No matter how good your content is. If nobody can find him, you cannot help anyone with it and accordingly you cannot earn any money. By the way, we will show you how you can earn money with your website in our article "Earning money with blog - 10 ways and experiences". Take a look here, because in addition to affiliate marketing, there are a number of other possibilities for monetization.

# 3: Make sure your readers build trust in you

An important factor to be able to start successfully with affiliate marketing is a good relationship of trust between your readers. Because a recommendation from someone you don't trust is usually not followed. In order to build trust with your readers, it is important that you show yourself on your website.

Unless you Social media channels operate, this is usually the case anyway. If not, you should also show yourself on social networks if possible. On a website, however, people are often not so strongly represented. To change this, you can, for example, implement the following measures:

  • Create a "About me" sectionin which you report about yourself. Photos and maybe even a video are also recommended here.
  • If you recommend products or services, it is always good if you can also be seen with the respective recommendation. So it's best to create one Picture of you and the productthat you recommend. It's more difficult with services. Depending on the type of service, photos are also possible here. For example, you can take a photo of you and the provider of the service.
  • Share your own experiences with the product or service. If you give your own experience reports or application tips, this makes your recommendation particularly credible and approachable.

The more tangible and closer you appear to your readers, the more likely they are to establish a personal relationship with you and then trust you when it comes to product or service recommendations.

# 4: Find affiliate products that suit your target audience

If you recommend everything on your website or on your social media channels, you will eventually lose credibility. Therefore, you should think carefully in advance which products and services are for yours target group fit. To do this, of course, you first have to know your target group, so that this is not that easy at first.

However, if you have a website that is all about volleyball, it doesn't include tips on your favorite vacation spots or the best cookbooks. Unless they have a clear connection to volleyball. For example, you could introduce beaches that are particularly known and popular for beach volleyball.

Such special recommendations should, however, always fit and not pulled by the hair be. Therefore, focus on your target group and their needs and expectations.

# 5: Build an email list

Nothing is nicer than being able to reach your readers at the push of a button. It is therefore important that you build your own email list in order to be able to start successful affiliate marketing. Because often emails for product recommendations are particularly effective. Your email lands directly in the subscriber's inbox and thus in theirs digital mailbox. The probability that your recommendation will be read is particularly high.

Of course, you shouldn't overdo sending recommendation emails. If you send out an email every day with a new product recommendation, it will eventually annoy your subscribers and they will likely unsubscribe. But if you send a targeted e-mail every now and then, this can be very successful.

It works particularly well when you give your subscribers one more at the same time Offer added value can. This can be the case, for example, if a product you recommend is currently reduced or you have a special discount code for your readers. Of course, in order to build an email list, you need an incentive for the readers.

Here you can, for example, a Freebie offer that your readers receive as a thank you for subscribing to the newsletter. In the case of our volleyball example, you could offer the 10 most important volleyball rules as a mini e-book. Everyone who subscribes to your newsletter will receive the free mini e-book as a thank you by email.

# 6: Recommend products on social media

In addition to your website, you should also build a reach on social networks if possible. Because here the contact with your followers is usually even more intensive and your product recommendation has a higher chance of success. They are especially popular here Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

But what are you posting here? If we use our volleyball example again, it is of course less interesting if you share pictures with volleyball rules. A YouTube video about the most difficult volleyball rules or the least known rules would be more appropriate.

On Instagram, for example, you could post pictures of yourself playing volleyball. Or you share exciting game situations from other volleyball players with your community. This way you will gain followers who are interested in volleyball and therefore potential customers of your affiliate links could become.

If you have built up a larger following on social networks, you can also make a product recommendation every now and then. You can e.g. in the Description text bring in. In a YouTube video, you could also carry out practical tests with certain products or create a tutorial on how to get the most out of the products.Make sure, however, that you don't overload your followers with product recommendations.

No. 7: Generate more reach

In order to be able to start successfully with affiliate marketing, your reach is of decisive importance. The more reach you generate, the better the chances that your affiliate links will lead to sales and thus to commissions for you. It is therefore essential that you build up as much reach as possible with your website and your social media channels.

You have many options to generate more reach. We'll show you below three ideas, with which, from our experience, you can reach many users sustainably and successfully.