Why do we doubt others

Partnership: Why one can calmly doubt one's relationship

Hannah and Simon have been a couple for four years. Actually, everything is going well, a nice, happy togetherness has leveled off. They are both in their early thirties and sometimes talk about weddings and children. Sometimes they argue, of course, but there aren't any bigger problems.

And that is exactly what is a problem sometimes. “I wonder if this should go on forever. Whether this is the right decision. Or maybe fate has planned more for me, ”says Hannah. Because sometimes she dreams of being freshly in love again, wondering whether another man might be more attentive, whether her life is exciting enough.

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"And then I wonder if these thoughts aren't a sign that I have to break up!" Says Hannah. "That kind of stresses me out and I don't know how to classify it."

In fact, Hannah is not alone with her doubts about a really good relationship. A partnership is not linear, there are phases, highs and lows, you can, must and should question what you live like there. And loves. As long as there is a crisis, something moves that moves, is still alive. And as long as you are worried, the relationship is important to you.