Is there anyone better than Jiddu Krishnamurti

A Spiritual Journey

“Of course there is a world beyond. The only question is, how far is it from downtown and how long is it open? ”Woody Allen

A Spiritual Journey is a winking reminiscence of generations of travelers to India in search of spiritual knowledge.

While the “renaissance of religions” is producing increasingly dubious dogmatic and fundamentalist blossoms, I am interested in the alternative beliefs that exist apart from world religions. Armed with a natural distrust of authority and dogma, I set out in search of more abstract and unorthodox religious or spiritual truths. And where better to find them than in the land of gurus and gods: India!

I follow the paths that others, daring spirits than me, took over 100 years ago and which are now mainly traveled by the stragglers of the hippie generation. Always looking for the true, inner “home”.

The route takes me to South India and to Arunachala, the holy mountain of the Hindus, on which the Indian deity Shiva is said to have appeared as a pillar of fire. Right there where the famous guru Ramana Maharshi meditated in a cave for 20 years and tried to define oneself by asking: “Who am I? Who is the questioner? ”Even today, thousands of Westerners travel there every year on the night of the full moon to circulate around the mountain, visit the Sri Ramanasramam or simply indulge in a nostalgic hippie rave.

In the south of Madras is the headquarters of the Theosophical Society, whose founders Madame Blavatsky and General Olcott already in 1875 spread a synthesis between Western occultism and Hindu and Buddhist beliefs. Hardly anyone knows today that many western esoteric movements and spiritual leaders of the 20th century, from Rudolf Steiner to Aleister Crowley, were influenced by theosophy. The society defines its goals in three essential principles: The formation of a universal brotherhood of men, without distinction of race, skin color, religion or social position, the comparative study of the old world religions and the development of the latent divine forces in man.

The new Messiah Jiddu Krishnamurti, prophesied and selected by the leaders of the Theosophical Society, dissolved his own theosophical order “Star of the East” in 1929 and turned against all forms of religious authority. At the Krishnamurti Foundation in Madras I find an open and, above all, quiet place for philosophical discussions within the noisy hustle and bustle of the “capital of South India”. I meet people whom I will meet again and again on my spiritual journey.

The “city of the future” is also on the travel route of those looking for “Orientals”: ​​Auroville. A city designed for 50,000 inhabitants, which is based on the vision of the French woman Mira Alfassa, known as "Mother", who died in 1973. It is intended to represent a place of spiritual and material research, based on the principles of "integral yoga" as formulated by my mother's companion, the Indian guru Sri Aurobindo. He did not mean the physical exercises of Hatha Yoga, which is particularly popular in the West, but the process of knowledge about the evolution of spirit and matter. According to the motto “All Life is Yoga”, almost 2,000 people from 35 nations have lived and worked in Auroville so far. There is everything your heart desires: bio-dynamized water, solar energy, Hatha Yoga, Ayurveda, salsa courses, pony rides and pizza. (But one should know: this is not the essential). And finally, the soul of Auroville itself, as if it came out of a science fiction film: the Matrimandir, the temple of the divine mother, a golden oval that is used for free meditation and inspiration.

"All life is yoga."
That sounds very good to me.
I wish my film was yoga too.
To do this, he would have to concentrate on the moment.
Act on the now.
But "film is a visual memory."
This film is already a memory of a trip.
"A spiritual journey."
My travel.
Or is it someone else's?
"Who am I anyway?"
"Who is it who is asking this question?"
"And who is the viewer?"
"Is the viewer what is viewed?"
Is it your trip?
Who are you?
"The Truth is a Pathless Land."
(The truth is a roadless land.)
Jiddu Krishnamurti