How good is Rutger's computer science program

Rutgers University

Dominik Kulusic - HR Man 19-20

"The Human Resource Management Master's program at the School of Management and Labor Relations offers great opportunities to apply management concepts in a practical and team-oriented manner."

Moritz Harich - Bloustein 19-20

The master's program “Public Affairs and Politics” at the Edward J. Bloustein School provides in-depth knowledge and training with regard to the analysis and practical design of public policies. This is an optimal addition to the theoretical foundations of policy research acquired in Konstanz. Competent support and a warm atmosphere in the department also form the basis for a successful study visit.

Leonie Kattermann - Bloustein 19-20

Anyone studying Public Policy at the Edward J. Bloustein School will benefit from the large thematic selection of courses and the strong practical relevance of the content. This gives you the opportunity to set your own priorities and greatly expand your knowledge of the political system and processes in the USA.

Antonia Mayer - PolSci 19-20

"The political science department is located on the Douglass campus. The campus is a microcosm: This is where the whole life of a student takes place. This is where you live, do sports, eat in one of the many cafeterias, study in the library and go out in the evening to the university theater or take part in one of the many diverse 'clubs'. There are over 500 such student associations in Rutgers - everyone will find what they are looking for! "

Vincent Heddesheimer - PolSci 19-20

The Rutgers Political Science Department is nationally and internationally renowned. It is a very special experience to work next door to leading scientists every day and to benefit from their knowledge in exciting courses. Depending on your taste, you can pay particular attention to current research in PhD courses or alternatively look for practical solutions to global problems in the United Nations Master's.